SEC vote today?

Is a vote today confirmed to take place? If so, is time of meeting known? Is it expected to be 14-0?

Reported here that it will be a 14-0 vote after aTm Board of Regents voted yesterday to support OU & ut to the SEC.

Despite some concerns & reservations, adding ut & OU makes sense for all & long overdue for the SEC & for Arkansas. Hope Arkansas makes this an opportunity to re-excite our fan base with new rivalries, grow our exposure in nearby talent rich TX, & re-establish our TX recruiting.

For the record, I am ambivalent about this. I am not sure it is the best thing for college sports. I have major concerns about the future of college sports between this, NIL and the free transfer rules.

I understand why we joined the SEC to start with. I understand why the SEC went to 14. I understand why the SEC wants Texass and OU. I understand why the SEC might want to get even bigger. I understand NIL issues (I still wonder if there was a better way to solve the issue than giving Alabama the right to pay their QB a million dollars a year, talk about an unlevel playing field), I understand why the transfer rules have changed. Each decision makes sense. But I am concerned they are killing the goose the laid the golden egg.

Have you ever looked back on a bad situation and thought, “it took 5 decisions (whatever number) to get here, and looking back I understand why I made each decision, but boy, this turned out bad.” I think that is what the whole college sports world is going to be doing in 5 to 10 years.

I may just be being an old fart who doesn’t like change. I don’t think that is the case, but, could be.


I haven’t seen a time, but the SEC meeting is supposed to be this afternoon. I know that the Board of Regents at both Oklahoma and Texas have scheduled simultaneous meetings tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. to talk about conference affiliation.

Some of you may have seen this…but just to lighten the subject up a little.


Well Greg it is what it is now. Other than AR joining the SEC, these other decisions took place in a span of about a year.
Saban wasted time using the NIL program as his best recruiting tool. What’s next, UT will be guaranteeing 2mil to the next 5* QB? Then what’s after that? Can The rest of college football programs keep up, highly unlikely.
So get used to seeing the same rich programs in the top 4-6 teams in the playoffs every year. While the bottom feeders fill out the last 6 playoff spots.

Wonder why A+M is going to vote yes? You know those goofy bas#@$%s are angry about Texas and Oklahoma coming.

Greg Sankey probably told the Aggies he was going to put them in a pod with Texas, Oklahoma and Alabama if they didn’t shut up and vote yes. I can hear Sankey, “If you guys don’t sit down and shut up, I will take out Arkansas and throw you into a pod with Texas, Oklahoma and Alabama right now!”

Trying to figure out an aggie is a losing battle. They are special.

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Aggies are Aggies. And predictably a little odd.


They were always going to vote yes- they just had to act outraged about it for 48 hours in case a bunch of their fans were angry about it.

The statement put out by their board of regents yesterday evening after the 8-1 vote to instruct the Aggie President to vote yes on expansion said in part:

Although the Board had concerns about the communication process relating to this matter, today the Board received the information it needed to properly consider the long-term ramifications of possible expansion…The board concluded that this expansion would enhance the long-term value of the SEC to student athletes and all of the institutions they represent – including Texas A&M.

So they went from “we should be the only Texas school in the SEC” to “it was a communications and information problem” in about a week.

I think the 8-1 vote by the regents also tells you a few things. First, that probably gives you a pretty good idea that the vast majority of the Aggies are not really “Never Texas”. Second, it’s probably a pretty clear indication that the president and most if not all of the regents knew about the expansion talks months ago-boards of regents don’t make sudden decisions regarding weighty financial matters that are going to be the subject of that much public scrutiny. The number crunchers and the lawyers were almost surely consulted, and the president and the AD likely had several quiet conversations with individual board members about the negotiations.

I served in the US Army with several very good Army officers who had graduated from A & M. Also, A & M has the best marching band in college football halftime shows. GHG!

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Texas A+M does have the best marching band I have ever seen at a college football game. The band was worth the price of the football ticket.

I am not an Aggie hater, I guess because we used to regularly whip their butts when both Arkansas and Texas A+M were in the SWC. We did have their number.

Those days are long gone.

Just spent 2 days with a few Aggies. Those that cared thought it was rather funny to see the tsips come crawling. They really didn’t think much one way or the other.

The Aggie Board recognized that they were never going to get 3 other votes to block ut. It would have been embarrassing & looked bad for aTm to be the lone dissenting vote.

Most Aggies that I know in TX did not want ut in the SEC - not only due to losing their recruiting advantage of being lone TX school in the SEC but also for the same reasons that they & so many other teams left the Big12, that being ut.

I hated the idea of bringing in OU & especially UT. I’m still not crazy about it, but when it became obvious it was a done deal, I decided to look for the positives & to hope it will work to our advantage. Right now I’m more worried about what the next round of changes will bring.

I love having UT and OU in the sec. I hope they do pods and put us with them. I want to play them every year. We all should. If we can’t compete, then it ain’t their fault.
I want the old texas hate to revive. I want these young folks to understand why we hate Texas. I want to learn to hate OU.

This is going to be awesome.


Oh, after living in Oklahoma for years, I find it very easy to despise the paper clips. And the feeling about the shorthorns has never abated.


I’ve hated OU almost as bad as I hate Texas. I never lived there, but when I was at the UA about the only TV we got came out of Tulsa. OU was good & arrogant. We weren’t as good as we had been & they were probably the best program in the country. The '77-78 Orange Bowl is still one of my best memories as a Hog fan. So it won’t be hard for me to hate our new rivals. However, I don’t think they’re any more exciting to play than LSU or any of the other SEC teams we face. In fact, I think right now they’re not as tough as AL, UGA, or LSU.

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OU has never had any relavance to my existence so I never bothered to hate them. I’m sure I can accommodate though

If the playing field was more level or at least in our favor, would have initially been more receptive to ut & OU in the SEC. We dug ourselves a deep hole. Look forward to our playing competitive football again & no longer the perennial underdog against the best SEC teams.

It was not that long ago, 2011, that Arkansas football ended the year ranked 5th & our only losses were to AL & LSU who played for the national title. Once we start winning again, all of the arrogance & taunting by ut & OU fans becomes meaningless gibberish from a couple of losers.