SEC track

Hog women have clinched the title with the 4x400 relay remaining.

Men are leading but not sure if they’ve clinched

Thank s Swine, the SEC TV Network is behind a bit. The internet version is.

And then our women set a collegiate record in winning the 4x4.

The men have also clinched the title.

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Thanks again. I dumped my pay TV and went to over the air so I need to check the net.


Thanks Matt. The Hogs used to do that in the NCAAs but they changed the rules on qualifying and I think now only the first two regional finishers qualify for the nationals so the depth coach Mac’s teams had are not at the Nationals anymore.

As it should be!! Way to go guys and gals. You are all amazing!

Fantastic finish.

The women’s finish was really entertaining. Arkansas was behind by 23 points with three events left to score, but the Razorbacks are always strong in those closing events and won by 40 points.

There is reason to believe both of these teams could be in contention for the indoor national title next week.

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