SEC tourney Game 1. The Aggies walk off The Gators

A&M played give away with errors but in the end they hit just enough to win!
That may be just enough to put the Gators out of post season play!

Florida’s bullpen was really bad, and I suspect that’s how the Gators have lost a lot of games this year. Florida scored two in the top of the eighth to go ahead 5-3, then gave up four in the bottom of the inning, including a three-run home run by Jonathan Ducoff with two outs.

Florida tied it back up in the 9th with a leadoff double. It was followed by a triple (or maybe an error–I’m not sure how they scored it; CF & RF converged & it looked like the ball went off the RF’s glove against the wall & they had trouble picking it up) that scored one run. The runner on 3rd scored to send it to B9 tied.

I only saw the last inning & a half, but it was an exciting game. D1 baseball has UF as being one of the last 5 in the tourney. I doubt this loss changes that, but it might.

Matt Florida has had problems with pitching all season. The last weekend series at Missouri they were pretty good and went all out to get the sweep. I don’t think winning today would have been enough for them to get an at large bid! I may be wrong but I’m glad they lost.

It just depends on what happens at other conference tournaments. A team like Creighton (35-11) is going to get in regardless, but the Big East is a one-bid league if Creighton wins the tournament. It becomes a two-bid league if a different team wins.

Florida might be one of the last five in now, but I wouldn’t feel too good about that if I was a fan of that team. They lost too many games this year and I would bet they are sitting at home next week.

Tamu really had acouple unlikely heroes with those 2 HR’s both of them were only their 3rd of the yr be like Opitz and Nesbit doing it for us.1/10 or worse they do that but it is what it is.

I still wish DVH would have let Nesbit take the AB’s at Texas A&M! He needed to see a few ball hit the grass. The one time he hit the ball hard on a line it was snared!