Sec tourney...and kentucky

Kind of a frustrating day on a lot of fronts.

We ask these kids to slay giants and we don’t even bother to show up. The only chance we had to beat Kentucky today was to make the court at least neutral and neutralize the officiating. I was there and it was 99-1 Uk. Now I get why fans don’t travel anymore. We’re broke, tired of spending $$ on hotels and gas etc, with no championships.

But this team is good and deserves support. It deserves more than 6000 in BWA.

20,000 in attendance today and the hogs had maybe 1000.

We gripe about monk but who wants to play in front of dozens of fans?

The tournament is in St. Louis next year. Talent coming in. No excuses. Time to support these guys.

I hate Kentucky.


Just a question for my curiosity. I don’t remember, but in our best years in the 90s, did we outdraw BBN or at least split the arena with them?

My recollection was 35-40% hog fans back in the sec day.

60-70% at barnhill west