SEC Tournament

I know you said you ref’d, so I gotta ask. The second foul on Gafford, I thought it was offensive on Silva.

It was the old player control foul because Silva was lowering his shoulder when he bulldozed Gafford. So yes it was a foul on Silva, not Gafford. If Silva simply turned and Gafford ran up on him, then it would have been the correct call, but it wasn’t.

The problem with that blocking foul on Gafford is a simple risk vs reward issue at that time in the game, it wasn’t necessary and obviously not worth picking up his 2nd foul so early. Neither was it necessary for him to pick up that first foul while trailing the play.
Gafford needs to be much more selective with his aggressive play or he may find himself on the bench for far to many minutes in the postseason which hurts our team.
Hopefully, he will not pick up his 3rd foul early in the 2nd half.

Go Hogs!

I’m going to shock everybody! The refs just screwed SC with that stoppage call because of Beard. You’re suppose to keep playing till there is a dead ball or the team with the hurt player gets the ball.

I thought the same thing

3’s are keeping SC in the game. Gotta close out.

Our guys aren’t playing smart on offense right now. We are in the bonus and not attacking. Waiting too long to make something happen.

I know we are fouling, but USCe looks like they’re getting away with more touching. Yes, I know we have more FT’s but if someone breathes on Silva the whistle blows. Our guys are getting knocked around before the whistle.

Exactly what we didn’t need to happen tonight, can’t put teams away when we get up by double digits. For whatever reason we don’t seem to handle success and extend to big leads when we have the opportunity and thus our starters have had to play more minutes than they should’ve.
So, if we do hang on to win this game which is no given with a 2 point lead with 3:40 left to play they won’t be as fresh as they could’ve been for tomorrow.

Go Hogs!

Their inconsistent for both teams on what they’re calling. Called Barford for a charge, which was correct, but didn’t call it on Silva when he did it.

Didn’t play well, but our role players really stepped up tonight to pick up some of the slack. Role players and FT’s are what won this game for us.

Survive and Advance.

Where’s reddiehog? I thought you said we’d be going home tonight?

Hopefully, everyone steps up tomorrow

Very proud of everyone from the FT line tonight, that was superb. With Macon 0-5 from 3 and Beard 0-5 from field and we still win, you have to think tomorrow night those will both improve and we can put the Gators back in the swamp!

Poor shooting night from Macon and Beard and first game without Thomas but we still find a way to win is big. Survive and move forward is the name of the game in March, this is what it’s all about ! WPS

Glad I was wrong, but I thought they would play bad and they did but SC was worse. If they play like that tonight, they will be going home.

We have to play a complete game tonight to beat Florida. Plain and simple.

Florida is finally getting a low post game and their defense has improved as well.

The key will be to take out their guards, especially Chiozza and Allen. I say Allen, only because he seems to save his best games when he plays us.

Gafford did great from the field, but we need to get him the ball more and he’s got to stay out of foul trouble early. I don’t expect Macon to repeat his poor shooting performance from last night.

We have got to rebound better. SC killed us on the glass last night.

Keep up the good FT shooting because Florida will be deadly from the line.

Hoping that Macon and Barford return to form and that the bench continues to step up. Sorry to see Dustin Thomas get dismissed and I wish the kid the best, but the time is now for others to seize the moment.

We can beat these guys.

Go Hogs.

Arkansas is playing timid and playing into Chiozza’s hands. We’ve got to take those passing lanes away when he drives and we need to be more aggressive on offense.

Great call to switch to a zone. And offensively we are being way more aggressive. Keep it up and adjust when needed.

Take away the 3 and Florida doesn’t have much.