SEC Tournament

SEC Network is showing Hogs vs Auburn on Thursday. Is that a done deal or speculation?

Depends on the FL vs LSU game

Doesn’t matter who we play. This team is about ready to pack it in. Players need to get ready for the NBA combine.

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Well that’s not a good matchup for us if that’s the case they just whipped Tennessee by 10 today

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And there is a good match up?


yeah I know what you mean…team is struggling right now

I do think this team has pace it in or at least backed off. Are they tired? Who knows. The defense is definitely not there the past couple of games.

It’s “official” now. AUB is locked into the 7 and we are the 10.

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well Auburn is about the most undisciplned team as you will ever see,those 2 little G will throw them up from anywhere,we just got to be inposition to get the misses and fly back down the court.

They don’t make the easy play and make way too many stupid mistakes. They can’t make free throws! They can’t stand prosperity and once they go on a run to cut into a deficit they find a way to looses their minds! Example foul by Devo in the Creighton game that resulted in 2 free throw and the ball! 4 points! Today get called for a foul then get a T and go almost to the bench and get another T and tossed result. In a 3 point game 6 made free throws for Kentucky gets a basket and now without touching the ball you ante down 11.
I’d say that’s not winning basketball. Poor decision and a lack of leadership from a player that has been on the team 3 years!
They just have lost their way.
They haven’t showed fight and the ability to close out games all year long.


That should be an elimination game.
Winner goes to The Tourney.
Loser goes home.

Well we know how that time will play out. The hogs will have a lead late and melt. Missed free throws and bad decisions will send them packing.

I think we run them out of the gym.

I think both teams are in. We’re 18th in NET, the War Chickens are 32nd. Playing for seeding, if that, and probably not even that (our cake is pretty much baked after 31 games).

I like our draw. Auburn beat us soundly at their place early, but I feel we’ll take them with Smith in the lineup. Then we know we CAN beat A@M and Kaintuck because we have. WPS…