Sec Tournament

I read an article where if Kentucky beats Florida they are a 3 seed if lose they are a 4. Then where are we?

If we beat Tennessee we’re the 2. Unless Auburn loses, then we’re the 1.

If we lose, Auburn is guaranteed the 1 regardless. I’m guessing, if that article is correct, that Tennessee would be the 2 by beating us since Kentucky didn’t, and we’d be the 3 if UK loses and 4 if they win. Like this:

Auburn 15-3
Tennessee 14-4
Kentucky 14-4/Arkansas 13-5, or Arkansas 13-5/UK 13-5 (since we beat them)

If we win, Auburn and us are 1-2 in some order and Tennessee and UK would shuffle depending on the results.

I think these are Arkansas’ scenarios:

1 Seed: Arkansas beats Tennessee; Auburn loses to South Carolina
2 Seed: Arkansas beats Tennessee; Auburn beats South Carolina
3 Seed: Arkansas loses to Tennessee; Kentucky loses to Florida
4 Seed: Arkansas loses to Tennessee; Kentucky beats Florida

You put it more succinctly than I did, but I agree.

  • If Auburn wins they are the 1 seed. (they are the only one that control their own destiny)

  • If Auburn loses and we win, Arkansas 1, Auburn 2, Kentucky 3, Tennessee 4 unless Kentucky also loses then Tennessee 3, Kentucky 4.

  • If Auburn wins and we win, then Auburn 1, Arkansas 2, Kentucky 3, Tennessee 4 unless Kentucky loses then its Tennessee 3 and Kentucky 4

  • If Auburn wins and we lose ( as I suspect) then Tennessee will most likely get the 2 seed. And if Kentucky wins, they will be the 3 and Arkansas will be the 4. If Kentucky loses to Florida then its reversed and we get the 3 and Kentucky gets the 4.

  • Now if Auburn loses and we lose, then Tennessee will be #1 and I got no clue on the tie breakers between Auburn and Kentucky for 2 & 3, but most likely we get 4th spot. Unless Kentucky also loses then we could get 3 with them dropping to 4.

Clear as mud…

As I understand it:

Tennessee would get the 2 over Kentucky if they beat us because they would have beaten us and Auburn, and Kentucky didn’t. Head to head was 1-1 between those two. But as far as I can tell, if Tennessee and Kentucky both lose Tennessee is the 3 because they beat Auburn.

Auburn beat Kentucky so they would win the tiebreak for #2 if we win and they lose to the Poultry. You’re correct that EOE would be the 1 seed if they win and Auburn loses, again because of the head to head result.

At this point only Auburn, Arkansas, and Tennessee have a shot at the 1 seed.

It looks like possibilities are
Auburn 1 or 2
Arkansas 1 or 2 or 3 or 4
Tennessee 1 or 2 or 3 or 4
Kentucky 3 or 4

I’d love to beat TN regardless of the seeding. Being the #2 seed isn’t much worse than #1. Either way, we’re on the same side of the bracket with one of the other top seeds & everyone of them are good teams. By the time we’d play them in the SEC semi-final I suspect all our NCAA seedings will have been determined.

If we get to the SECT final, I’d like to win it “just because.” However, I won’t lose any sleep if we lose in the semi-final round. At least not if it won’t affect our NCAA seeding. It might be mere superstition, but I’m not sure I want to carry a really long winning streak into the NCAAT.

The odds are against it, but I think we have a realistic goal of getting to the Final Four. We’re good enough to get there & if we do, who knows? I’ll only be disappointed if we fail to make the Sweet 16. Beyond that, it’s all cherries & cream.

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