SEC Tournament Ticket Allocation

So how do you know that the Arkansas ticket office has given you the correct priority in ticket allocation. I am at wild hog level and have over 30 years consecutive giving in football so I have a fair amount of points in football . But, because I live far away in St Louis I have given zero to basketball. I purchased three all session tickets for the Sec tournament in late October and the receipt says lower level. The tickets I received this week are row M in section 513 which is in the uppermost ring of Scottrade center. I’ve watched some MVC tournaments in similar spots so its ok but nothing like the lower level. I sent an Email to the ticket office but have not gotten a response and I fully do not expect to get one. I thought maybe this forum would be another source to complain and maybe give some insight. I just find I hard to believe that the lower level is all season ticket holders who I agree should have priority. Is there any good ole boy network in play ? If you have friends in the office does this come into play ? Maybe the Arkansas Gazette should do a FOIA on ticket allocations.

First of all, I have no idea about this situation.

One thing to remember is that the tickets allotted to the schools are usually in poor seating areas. The tournament sponsors and locals often buy tickets early and get great tickets. The same thing happens at bowl games.

… and then the Kentucky fans swoop in and buy all of them. I’m convinced UK people maintain season tickets at BWA and other league arenas just to get access to our SECT allotment, and sell everything not UK on StubHub. Of course we used to do the same thing to Rice and TCU.

I don’t know how it works, but I got an update from Scottrade at the beginning of the season. It told the date the tickets went on sale and the day they went on sale, I could purchase courtside seats through the ticket office. I looked again last week and you can only get the upper bowl tickets that is mentioned above. I’m not sure how the allotments are figured in when I could have got tickets straight from Scottrade itself. I know you probably have a little more knowledge on this, but why pay for season tickets for the fans allotment when you can buy from the venue and get better tickets?

I think it’s probably a little different this year, with a one-timer in St. Louis, than it was all those years in Atlanta.

But I also know there’s a lot more blue than I would like in BWA every time we play the Jellycats. Is that season tickets or is it StubHub? My guess is some of both.

I think it’s more a Stub Hub thing. I didn’t think there were any more Kentucky fans in BWA than what Missouri had. The location of the seating for the tournament is dictated in large part by your Foundation points. I didn’t get tickets this year, but I’ve had great seats in Nashville the past few times I’ve went. But I ordered the tournament package at the same time I renewed my season tickets, and I’m a BMS Gold level donor. They place a really big priority on your Foundation points when it comes time for seating placement for postseason games.

It’s not mutually exclusive either. A UK fan buys BWA tickets, attends the game in February, puts the rest up on StubHub, and a Misery fan buys them for that game. And the UK guy raids our SECT allotment in the process.

Of course since we don’t have a hard sellout it’s easy for a Jellycat or Tigger fan to get upper level seats early in the year and not worry about the season package.