SEC Tournament Bracket

Here’s hoping Auburn or Ole Miss takes care of Missouri, don’t need them hurting our RPI anymore than they have already. Was really hoping we would get on the opposite side of the bracket as them.

The only way Misery hurts our RPI is if they beat us again. We’re fine.

Exactly. That’s why I said I hope Ole Miss or Auburn takes care of them. Don’t need them catching fire in SEC tournament and pull an upset on us giving us another bad loss. Even if they beat Auburn and Ole Miss, they will still have an RPI over 200.

Dude. Get real. They are not going to beat us. And even if they do, we’re in.

Swine how much could we improve our seed for the dance with 2 wins or even the whole thing ? I know the odds are not in our favor but it’s possible.

What are you talking about get real? Teams that shouldn’t win pull upsets in conference tournaments every single year. North Dakota state (2nd seed) just got beat by the 7th seed in their conference tournament a few minutes ago. And no where in my post did a say we wouldn’t make a tournament if Missouri did or didn’t beat us. I’m simply saying I hope the teams ahead of us take care of Missouri and don’t let them get hot. Their RPI is the second worst among P5 teams, losing to them could be the difference from a 9 seed to an 11 seed.

And calm down dude, you get jumpy every time someone says anything that suggests the Hogs may not make the tournament. They are in and talking about possible scenarios that could happen in the SEC tournament ain’t going to affect that lol.

Seed? Impossible to guess. I can guess the RPI using Wizard.

Beating Ole Miss on Friday wouldn’t help much, might even hurt a tad, Somewhere around 27-29 RPI.
Beating Florida on Saturday would probably take us to around 24 RPI.
Then losing to UK on Sunday would be about 25. Beating UK would be about 22.

Blu, I’m not the one panicking that we might lose two to Missouri.

LOL, whatever man, nobody is panicking about anything. I simply threw it out there that I hope they don’t get hot, their an RPI killer, that’s a fact. I know it’s not a likely scenario, but it is a scenario that could happen, and this topic was started to discuss the bracket and different scenarios. Same way they were just on SEC Network saying they think Ole Miss can pull some upsets and win the tournament, not a likely scenario but worth discussing. It’s March Madness dude, quit being defensive about everything and just enjoy some post season discussions, this is the fun time of the year.

I am happy with the way the bracket turned out. Teams coming behind us AU, MO & OM, we can handle any of them with the way we are playing at this time. There is no need to worry about MO. Their chances of advancing to us is minimal; and if they do, I rather see them than OM. The team that worried me the most is Vandy. Luckily they are on FL side. If they knock off FL, we don’t even have to worry about FL, that we have not played well against. them. For our first game, I did not want to have Vandy. If we meet Vandy again, we’ll break them down with our press and beat them this time. Two teams standing in our way are Van & FL. We are playing well, anything is possible. MO is the last of my worries.

Maybe he’s being a bit condescending but his point is valid. We are in. A lock. It’s over. We aren’t on the bubble. At all. Wldnt be with a MO loss.

Now, I suppose it could cost us a seeding spot, but we are off the bubble. We aren’t on any bubble lists at this point.

We are in. A P5 team with 23 wins, 12 conf, 6-7 road wins and an RPI in the 20s isn’t near the bubble–nowhere close to it. He’s right.

I think the Hogs would relish a rematch with Mizzou, they were basically embarrassed (or should’ve been) when they lost to them. I hope it happens. Then maybe Vandy gets a 3rd game against Florida. Looks like they have Florida’s number for whatever reason. I like our chances against Vandy much better than against Florida. The differences between who plays who and the Hogs chances have everything to do with the match up’s in any given game. Florida doesn’t appear to be a good match up for the Hogs. Hogs played pretty well for most of the game versus a Florida last week (after the 1st 12 minutes or so) . Each time the Hogs made a move to close it to within 6 or 7 Florida shifted to another gear it seemed.

I like our draw.

Georgia (with a returning/fresh Maten) plays TN. Winner plays KY. TN beat them. GA played them close without an injured Maten. Should be interesting. Then the winner gets SCe (most likely). If GA can win three, I see them getting in.

Meanwhile Vandy plays aTm. Winner gets Florida. Florida has issues with Vandy, and a few wins in the SECT, should lock them in.

Meanwhile, if I’m right, we get Ole Miss, then Vandy (playing their third game in three days (they lack depth and will put everything they have into beating Florida, I really like our chances), then GA for the title. We get 6 teams in the tourney and we have the automatic bid. WPS

Does anyone know the Razorback fan Sections in Bridgestone for the Tournament? I am thinking about buying Session 5 tickets, and I want to get as close as possible.

Doesn’t matter where you sit, you’d better enjoy the color blue. You’ll see a lot of it, including our section. I’m pretty sure there are UK fans who buy season tickets at BWA so they can get into our SECT allotment.

Oh I’m well aware of that. I went to the whole tournament every year from 95-03. This year I decided last week to go Friday night if the Hogs got the 3 seed. Kentucky is not in that night’s session, and many of the blue bloods will sell that ticket. I just don’t want to be in the middle of the one section that is the Ole Miss block of tickets.

I just gambled and bought three lower level tickets in Section 109. I will either be right behind the Arkansas band or the opponent’s band. I have my fingers crossed.