SEC this year - Bama and the little 13

Unreal year. 2nd in the SECW to Bama’s 12-0, is 8-4. Champion in the SECE, FL, is 8-3 and getting rolled by FL St tonight (and lost big to the Hogs). TN, once a top 10 team is losing by 11 to Vandy late in the 4th - now they have lost! Crazy, crazy.

Bama is All World. They don’t have that one Heisman quality RB like they usually have, but still have a great running game. They have a great defense without weaknesses. Unless their freshman QB decides to play like a freshman in the play-offs, they will roll through those 2 games with ease.

I wonder if the sec prepped Bama at all for what they may see in the CFP

The overall quality of the SEC has been trending downward for a few years. From around 2007-12 it really was an outstanding conference with a lot of strong teams. Now the league is fortunate to have one strong team behind Alabama. I think the Big Ten was a better conference this year.

This thread reminded me of a cartoon I saw a couple of months back:

Now that is a great cartoon that is so true.


Dan Wolken has mentioned a few times on his podcast if Bama will be ready for the CFP after a season of playing such an inferior schedule as opposed to the Big 10. Will be worth watching.

I’m afraid the SEC is about to get their teeth kicked in this bowl season. I mean UF, Auburn or Tennessee is going to get Michigan (I would assume) in the Sugar Bowl.

I’m afraid the Big 10 is the better conference this year. As you point out, every SEC team besides Bama had a mediocre season. As disappointing as our season was, it appears we’re in parity with the rest of the league. However, I don’t think the league is that bad, it’s just that we’re all the same (after Bama.) We’re still probably superior to the ACC, Pac-12, & Big 12, but it’s pretty clear the Big 10 is the best.

Actually, yesterday’s games gave me a bit of solace. The horrible Missouri game notwithstanding, I don’t think we’re that far from anyone else in the conference. But as long as there’s this much parity in the SEC, it won’t be unusual to see a bunch of teams with several losses.

Or maybe we just beat up each other…

Everybody predicted a dismal bowl season last year, but lost what – 2 games…

Tennessee fans cannot be happy with Butch Jones. The SEC Network worked him over pretty hard for the decision not to kick the field goal while down 45-34 late to Vanderbilt. This was a team picked to win the SEC East and finished 8-4 overall (after starting 5-0), 4-4 in the weaker division. We aren’t happy with our record, but we were picked to be 7-5 by a lot of people, perhaps 8-4 by others. And we certainly weren’t picked to be anywhere near the top of the SEC West. This last loss stings because we were all counting on 8-4 and 4-4 after starting 0-2 in the SEC, but I think at the this point I’d rather be in Bret Bielema’s shoes than Butch Jones’. Not that that’s really saying much.

I don’t think that’s the case this year. The SEC was 6-8 vs. Power 5 teams, plus there were losses to BYU, South Alabama, Middle Tennessee and Southern Miss. It has been a mediocre season.

Aside from Alabama, we were smoked by Auburn, Texas A&M and LSU. Perhaps with a better defense, we would have had a decent chance against those teams but I don’t see us being that close to any of them other than the Aggies.

IMO, the SEC was at its strongest prior to 2007 when UF and TENN and
UG were at their best. … one-112716

[quote] Nick Saban has killed the SEC.

Tennessee, Georgia and LSU have all fired the winningest coaches in their modern eras because they couldn’t beat Nick Saban and all of them have ended up with worse coaches to replace them. This would have been like the Utah Jazz firing Karl Malone and John Stockton or the New York Knicks cutting Patrick Ewing for losing to the Jordan-era Bulls. Saban is Michael Jordan and you just have to accept that your team isn’t going to beat his.

But you don’t have to turn your programs into total shit shows.

Georgia just lost to Vandy, Tennessee, Florida and Georgia Tech for the first time in program history. Butch Jones just lost to Vanderbilt for the second time in four years, and LSU just gave the head job to a guy who should be wrestling alligators in the swamp for a living.

When the Crimson Tide beats Florida this coming weekend every single SEC team will have four losses or more.

And I honestly think everyone in the SEC wants their coach fired this morning except for Kentucky and Vanderbilt, and both of these fan bases wanted their coach fired for the vast majority of the season.

I feel like we need a coach swap just to spice things up. Like, why not send Kevin Sumlin to Tennessee and Butch Jones to Texas A&M for the year, send Jim McElwain to Arkansas and Bret Bielema to Florida, Kirby Smart to Auburn and Gus Malzahn to Georgia.

No one wants their coach and at least this way we’d have some excitement.

Because the entire SEC is a gigantic dumpster fire.

Yes, we were smoked by them. We also smoked Florida. We beat Ole Miss show smoked Georgia who beat Auburn. We also beat MSU who smoked TAMU & who got blown out in the 4th qtr by OM to lose a bigger lead than we lost at MU. Meanwhile, UK beat Louisville who smoked FSU who smoked Ole Miss & Florida who we smoked.

There’s been a lot to smoking by everybody against everybody this year. These score comparisons don’t really work this year.