SEC T&F live on SECN - Fast hurdles times

SEC Outdoor Track & Field us live on SECN as we speak. Just completed two fast hurdles races.

In women’s 100M Hurdles, world leader Janeek Brown of Arkansas won in a fast 12.55 with Payton Chadwick of Arkansas second.

In Men’s 110M Hurdles, yesterday in the Heats, Grant Holloway of Florida had set world leading time this year at 13:07. In the final just completed, Daniel Roberts of Kentucky ran 13:07 to equal that world leading time to win with Holloway second. These two guys will give Omar McLeod a battle in the world meets this year.

Noticed Hunter Woodhall got fourth in the 400 with a personal best 46.22. He’s our sophomore sprinter from Utah with no lower legs. Not bad for running on prosthetics.

Kethlin Campbell came out of nowhere to win the women’s 400 for us in the second fastest time in the country, 51.03, obviously a PB. Might be some points in the NCAA we didn’t expect before today.

I think that is the second fastest collegiate time in the country for Campbell. That was a major surprise. Both the winner and her time. It is her PB.

Arkansas women did falter in the 1500M. But Arkansas is comfortably in the lead.

Women won the team title easily. Men finished third, which was a surprise; I think we were rated fifth or so in the prerace predictions. LSU won the men’s title.

Mondo Duplantis set the collegiate record in the pole vault at 19-8.25. Pretty decent day for the Duplantis family up and down Razorback Road.

Did anyone see the Women’s 4X400? What a great race by all 4 Razorbacks! Payton Chadwick came from 4th to 1st in impressive fashion. She split two runners to take the lead coming close to committing a foul. I assume that was her last race as a Hog at home. What a performance!

Not sure I would describe scoring 22 points in the womens’ 1500 as faltering. They didn’t win it, but they took 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th.

Campbell was nothing short of amazing in the 400 and then duplicated that effort in the final leg of the 4x400 relay for the win. And she’s just a freshman. WOW!

The Women were very dominate in winning the championship tonight. Reminded me of the Hogs’ domination by the men in some SEC championships in McDonnell’s hey day.

You are right. I should not have said “faltered”. I was just disappointed that the Florid freshman from Australia won that race.