SEC Sunday night standings

Arkansas 19-8
Florida 18-9
LSU 17-9
Vandy 17-10
Poultry 15-11
Kentucky 15-12
Vomiteers 14-13
Auburn 14-13

And at the bottom:
Jawja 10-16, still playing (Dawgs lead Misery 4-3)
Misery 9-17, still playing
Moo U 8-19
Rebnecks 6-21

If Misery comes back and wins today, the Rebnecks are already eliminated from defending their national title. Actually I think they’re eliminated anyway; Misery has the tiebreaker by winning the series.

Rebnecks were eliminated yesterday according to a blip on their site that I saw while scoping out Mousse Cisse

I’m arriving in Nashville Friday night, too late to make the Friday game, but I could play hooky from my meeting and do the Saturday game. Sold out at the Vandy website, but Vivid Seats has outfield seats starting at $41. But if we’re gonna win the SEC that day… :thinking:

And Misery walks off Jawja on two-run single in the ninth.

Lead off walk helped. Then a bunt for a hit.

Ole Miss is eliminated. Even if they sweep next weekend, the best they can do is finish next to last. Looks like neither Miss team goes to Hoover.


RPI right now per Warren Nolan:

Wake Forest
Poultry (still)

Stanford is 11th (and losing in the 10th by a football score, 21-18, to Arizona right now) but I could see them as a national seed since otherwise we’re the most westerly 1 seed, and they’ve already clinched the P-12 regular season title. Other than that I think the top 8 are probably listed above, although still two weeks for things to change (Stanford goes to Wazzu next weekend; weird things happen in Pullman).

Next week:
Florida at Jellycats
Hogs at Vandy
Wake vs Virginia Tech after midweek at UNC-Wilmington
Tennessee at Poultry
LSU at Georgia

For the Humpers to get to Hoover, they’d have to pretty much sweep A&M while Georgia got swept by LSU (Georgia would win tiebreak by sweeping us while we swept Moo U) and Misery lost at least two to Auburn. Even then I’m not sure who would win the Misery tiebreaker, although Moo U winning series at Baton Rouge might do it.

Tenn lost today in Knoxville to KY. Neither team has any bearing on us, but its good to see the Viles lose. They’re reducing their chances to host a regional.

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D1 Baseball didn’t have Mustard hosting last week. Taking 2 from the Jellycats helps them some but not as much as a sweep would. Cats were the #8 seed last week; we’ll see if a series loss changes that. My guess is Florida moves into the top 8, UK drops out. We might also bump up from the 4 to 3 or even 2, since Vandy and LSU both lost series.

On Rally Cap a few minutes also they listed a
Top 5
S Carolina.
And said right now Florida would be the # 1 host in Hoover if it started today.
I don’t think these Bozos can read. Florida is 1 full game behind the hogs right now.


Correct. But Dellucci is a Rebneck so he has no education.


That makes sense his degree is from Ole Miss.