SEC Storied

I don’t post much. I am a MA fan and hope things turn around for this team and program. I watched the 1994 episode and it breaks my heart to see how far we have fallen. Just read a 5 page topic that while opinions vary, everyone wants the same thing, return to more than average for our basketball team. I missed the game yesterday but taped it. Saw the score and couldn’t watch it. I just erased it. I don’t consider myself a fair weather fan but maybe I am turning into that. My screen name tells my passion for the team and sport. I just hope I am around to see it get back to close to what it was.

I agree. I’m a Mike fan and very much miss a program that only missed two NCAA tournaments between 1977 and 2001. Program and fans had high expectations.

For me, my expectations for program is always making the tourney short of a coaching change year or something dramatic with injuries etc.

We used to be among the national top ten-fifteen programs all time for NCAA appearances before the dark years after Nolan.

I give Mike credit for fielding NCAA teams 2 of last three years or so.

I wish he had at least one run beyond second round to inspire more confidence. His best team was at Missouri going on a decade ago.

Some of us remember what it was between most of Sutton and Richardson reins where Arkansas has a national reputation towards the top of the food chain and was highly respected.

I want that back.

I don’t expect a final four or national title every year.

But I expect the program to have a chip on its shoulder to try to be that good every year.

This is still a very proud program with enough fans still alive to know what it was once capable of spanning three decades.

We can do it again if that is the goal and expectations of the program.

I’m in the same boat…I see no reason why our program can’t be a consistent top 25 program. After 8 years, I’m becoming more critical of MA.