SEC Storied "40 min. of hell"

Never get tired of watching!
The more I’ve watched it, the more it gets under my skin, when I hear that talking head say, he had to go with the smarter team and that was Duke.
So, if Duke was to win, (they didn’t), because they were the smarter team, it begs the question… considering the academic standards to get into Duke, are the academic standards just as high for the athletes? It always seemed to amaze me, (maybe it could be because I’m not that smart), how seemingly year after year they find all these SMART super talented athletes?
I know Duke isn’t the only prestigious school with high academic standards, but it is Duke who is always in the top tier, playing for National Championships. Does it all have to do with coach K.? Or is it because they are just so dadgum smart?

That has to be among the most offensive things I’ve ever heard a TV commentator say.

Agreed! The arrogance and bias of that comment was just mind blowing.

Obviously the standard are far different. The minimum for either the SAT or ACT is 96 percentile. Almost no athletes, let alone black athletes would score anywhere near Sat 1375 or ACT 31.