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pitching staff has to pick it up falling down a little further

I bet we lead the nation in runners left on base.

I look at that and see Kentucky and Ole Miss at or near the top of most offensive categories, which is bound to bring the Arkansas pitching numbers down.

There is really nothing outrageously wrong with us

We are playing elite competition and we are virtually equal

Our pitching and hitting are fine

We would likely be 7-1 in SEC but for the errors
That is what is killing us

That said, win today and it’s all good

In my opinion, the errors are the biggest problem, leading to a lot of unearned runs. Our unearned run numbers are ridiculous. The last number I heard was around 28.
28 sounds like a lot to me. I don’t know how that compares to other teams, but considering we’ve played 28 games, that would come out to about an unearned run per game. That would be important, considering the one run losses we gave had.

The UER total is up to 29.

Ole Miss has allowed 17 UER in 28 games. Florida has only 6. Auburn, coming to Baum next week, has 12. So yeah, that’s a problem that needs to be fixed. But it’s not just a fielding problem. Sometimes your pitchers have to suck it up and bail out their fielders by getting out of the inning unscathed anyway. Our guys are not doing a good job of that. We have 29 errors and 29 UER. One run per error. Auburn has 23 errors but only 12 UER, so their guys are pitching around some mistakes.

Thanks, Swine! Good point. Pitching is a contributing factor.

So important to give the other guys some credit.

Sure. Boot a grounder, guy on first, then three straight strikeouts, no damage done. Full credit to our opponents: They’re making us pay for our mistakes, and we’re not preventing that from happening. Florida has 16 errors; at least 10 of them caused no damage (since one error can lead to more than one UER, you can’t say definitely). They’re preventing that damage.

Lo and behold, Rebneck catcher screws up a rundown on Kjerstad and we get an unearned run to break out on top.

Edit: The Ole Miss official scorer, apparently not watching the same game as everyone else, did not award an error so our run was earned. It was called a fielder’s choice.