SEC stats

Well, we lead in one SEC baseball stat, grounding into double plays. Alabama dominates in a lot of them, but I guess this early, we need to take into account who each team has played. Maybe once we get into SEC play, they can tabulate SEC only game stats to get a real good picture.

This is not a stat that is tracked on the SEC website, but I cannot imagine many teams have more two-out runs than Arkansas’ 47.


Thanks a key stats that wins a lot of games. 2 outs runs brake the backs of the opposing teams.

I thought we might do more hitting and running this year (helps avoid double plays). We haven’t seen it much YET.

DVH always has a plan.


You are probably right. Playing for the three run homer has worked well in recent years.

However, in preseason scrimmages, there was some moving runners and hitting behind them.

It’s early and the stats will change, but Arkansas is running more to this point than it did last year — 1.5 steal attempts per game compared to 0.88.

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Seems like we hit a lot ground balls to the second baseman the last two games. Either a ground out or a double play!!

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