SEC Stats

Today I was looking at team/player stats for each SEC team and how our team compared to the rest of the SEC. Now I know some teams have played tougher competition than others, but it’s still promising.

  • Arkansas is 2nd in PPG while having the lowest 3 pointers attempted per game. There is also only one player on our team in the top 25 for PPG (dusty at #9). Daryl falls at #27, Moses at #30, and Barford at #34.

  • 2nd in assists with 18.2 per game, and the 3rd best in assist to turnover ratio. We have 4 guys in the top 25 in assists per game (Anton and Daryl tied at #15, Manny at #16, Barford at #24… Dustin Thomas is #26.)

  • 6th in rebounding with 38.7 per game, 3rd in offensive rebounds with 13.9 per game.

  • 3rd in FT% at 76.9%, and the 5th most attempts (the 4 teams ahead of us have a lower percentage.)

  • 2nd in steals (9.1 per game), behind Auburn (9.4 per game).

  • 2nd in FG% at 48.2% with the 3rd most attempts, 3rd in 3P% at 37.1%.

  • Moses is 3rd in RPG and 1st in BPG

  • Daryl is 6th in SPG, Manny 10th, Barford 12th, and Anton 18th.

  • We are right in the middle at #7 in TO per game with 13.1 (I thought we would be more towards the bottom).

My biggest takeaway from these stats is how unselfish we are with the basketball, we are stacked with guards that aren’t scared to make the extra pass. Once the newcomers get a little more comfortable with the competition, we could be very dangerous.