SEC Standings

Hard to believe 5 teams started the conference season 0-3. 5 teams got swept. Tennessee gets swept. Defending national champions Ole Miss got swept with all 3 games not close!!

Very deep and talented conference top to bottom
Anything is possible

Playing on the road is tough in the SEC (except apparently for USCe). I’m thinking 1 win for the Hogs this weekend would be good.

Of course I want 2 (3!), but realistically1, would be a good trip being 4-2 week 2. That was why that game 3 was so important Sunday


That is what I’m hoping for… if we can win Friday (big chance of rain I got a feeling we’re not going to be playing Friday) that would be huge and we could possibly win the series because their other two starters are very good but they’re not as good as he is

Skenes is legit 98-101 and has good breakers and pitchability. Nate Thompson told me today that he had not been pushed to use anything but his fast ball early in the season, but he showed his complete arsenal and the ability to really pitch against Texas A&M last weekend.

I totally agree with that…The thing about him is he’s not going to back down from you… He’s going to come right at you and say here hit it!!! My philosophy on facing those kind of guys is to go up their swinging and hopefully your bat will run into one of those missiles because it will go a long long ways if you do… but he literally could be pitching in the big leagues right now and doing very well because like you say he has other pitches are just flat out nasty and he will throw them for strikes at any time you literally just have to just hope you can barrel one up hopefully with men on base

I don’t think you can back down from him because I know he’s not going to back down from you

IMO, the key to this week for Arkansas is to avoid being swept.

Before everyone piles on me for being pessimistic, I certainly hope that we win the series and we absolutely have a reasonable chance of doing so.

But, if we can win at least 1 game, we’ll be in fine shape. If you had told me 2 weeks ago that we’d be 4-2 after our first two series (a hot hitting Auburn team at home, and at #1 LSU), I’d have taken it in a New York minutes. Heck…I’d probably have taken 3-3 because 2-4 was certainly a possibility.

You want to win every series, of course. But what you cannot do is to be swept. So - on the road, against a top-level opponent - just focus on winning one…then relax and you may win one or two more. At home, it’s a little different; there, you do want to strive to win the series. Again - sweeps are super…but a steady diet of series wins (as we have seen the last few seasons) is a good formula for success.


Yep I’m just hoping to get one. They are #1 in the country for a reason. I would be ecstatic if we could win the series but definitely do not want to get swept

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I bet LSU fans are saying the same thing… hope Arkansas doesn’t sweep us.


The LSU fans are horrible. I hope we at least win the series. With game 1 in the books and the win
Just find a way to win Game 2.

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They are in complete meltdown on the board I visited

Typical fan overreaction


Couldn’t happen to a better group :sunglasses::clap::clap::clap:

I thought that was funny when you posted. Still, it just seems to me that winning both games of a double hitter is really tough for a traveling team.

But, now way more possible than on Thursday.

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