SEC standings

Hogs 12-5
Auburn 10-7
LSU 10-8
A&M 9-8
Bama 9-8
Moo U 7-10
Flopnecks 6-11

Tenn 15-1
Georgia 11-6
Vandy 8-9
Florida 6-10
Kentucky 6-11
SoCar 6-11
Misery 5-13

Hogs 13-4
Bama 13-6
Tenn 11-6
Georgia 10-7
Kentucky 9-7
Florida 11-9
LSU 9-8
etc, etc.

OM and Misery fighting hard to see who ends their season first. They both stand a very good chance of missing Hoover.

So happy for this for ola ms.

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Those standings were before the night games.

Bama is now 13-7 in softball.

Florida is 6-11 in baseball and in definite danger of missing Hoover as well,

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And ole miss was ranked #1 to start.

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Losing that Florida series is killing me.

So far, the games that are giving me nightmares are the final Florida game, the final MSU game, Friday’s A&M game and the Missouri game we lost. All should have been wins. If we win 2 of the 4, we are in much better shape. It is what it is, this is baseball!

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Those games sure could have been wins! Even the first game at A&M.
The hogs just need to win today and win the series.
As for the standings it would be nice to see Ole Miss and Miss St be tied on the final
Day of the regular season and Ole Miss end up missing Hoover.
In the east I was hoping Florida could end up watching from Gainesville!

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