SEC standings

Assuming the Rebnecks don’t cough up that 8-run lead against Vandy.

EOE 18-9
Vandy 17-9
Florida 17-10 (lost to Jawja today)

Hogs 19-8
Moo U 17-10 (thanks Misery)
Rebnecks 16-11

Next weekend:
Florida at Hogs
EOE at Chickens (SoCar is in fourth in the East and is beating KY today)
Jellycats at Vandy
Moo U at Bama

Win the series against the Wallets and we have the top seed. Tiebreakers over Moo U and EOE, and Vandy can’t do better than 20-9 thanks to their rainout last weekend against Bama.

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The Rebneck bullpen made it interesting but they held on to win 13-10.

South Carolina also won and is 15-12 in the league.

And at the other end of the standings, Auburn beat A&M and is now tied for 12th with the Aggies at 8-19. Misery remains in the basement at 7-20 but could still make the Hoover field with a good weekend.

And if we hadn’t lost those two games to Auburn and TAM we’d have the league virtually wrapped up. But anyway…

No. 2, 3, and 4 in the rankings went 1-2 this weekend… great to be a Hog.

OK I dont understand all the lingo but can anyone describe the possible scenarios.

Example if we win 1 game v Florida so we take the West?

If we win 2 we take all

We win 1 and Vandy or Tenn lose 1 , we take all


Woo Pig

yes our magic # is 1 which means if we win 1 game or MS loses 1 game we win the division

If we win one game vs. Florida, the best Mississippi State can do is tie us, and we have the tiebreaker because we swept them. So yes, that would win the West.

We also have the tiebreaker over Tennessee for the best record and the top seed. We didn’t play Vandy, but we can’t tie them unless we get rained out one game against Florida because they already had a rainout.

However, if Florida swept us, we could not only lose the West but fall to the fifth seed, which means we would have to play a day earlier in Hoover. Final standings could look like this:

Tennessee 21-9
Vandy 20-9
MSU 20-10
Florida 20-10
Arkansas 19-11

You’re correct that we could win the league with one win if Vandy and Tennessee both lose once, due to the tiebreak and Vandy being short a game.

OK thank you on the “West” scenario.

As for take all we must win 2 to be safe and see how others end up?

Given overall schedule I dont see how we dont end up #1 for the year unless we totally flop end of year.

Does the #1 ranking help in the Tourney vs other Top 5? Is it like Basketball where #1 is playing weakest whole path even in CWS?

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The baseball tournament is seeded only 1 through 16. If we’re the #1 national seed, which appears likely, we would face the regional of the #16 seed in the superregional. Then we would face the super winner of the regionals involving #8 and #9 in the first game in Omaha.

But in 2018, Florida was the top seed, got to Omaha, lost to #9 Texas Tech in its first game, then lost to us two games later to end their season, It’s been a long time since the #1 national seed won the CWS.

But yes, if we win two we win the regular season title. Vandy can’t catch us with a sweep because of its rainout, we have tiebreaker over Tennessee, and MSU can’t catch us if we win two.

Rpalm, Hopefully Matt will see and answer your question.

I think he said, it is his opinion (based on the past), the NCAA seems to reward the top teams with favorable competition in post season.

Geography plays a role too.

Thanks Swine. Your response was much more informative than mine.

If we win 2 against UF we guarantee a share of the overall SEC title no matter what anybody else does. Sweep it and we it all alone.

Thank you all for the feedback, a stressful but fun series.

Tennessee is a very good team and we beat them at home, just like all others.

I am sure next conversation is Coach of the Year

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I see CWS as a whole new season because its who gets hot and who is not…and who gets some luck or a break like Oregon State.

Exactly. Fresno State once won the CWS as a 4 seed. You just have to get hot.

Yes and CWS totally different deal because the park is so different, not a HR park at all unless you hit it really well and why I’m glad we’ve shown we can play small ball and win the low scoring games

Winning the CWS is the important goal this year. Winning the SEC is totally secondary. I want to win it, but getting to Omaha and then finally winning is what we all really want. I expect we have already cemented a 1 seed. We might slip to a 2 or 3 if we were to lose out. I don’t see that happening, though.

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This might seem strange, considering I am primarily a basketball guy, but my biggest hope is that we will win the CWS. DVH deserves it, and I know I am repeating myself, but if we do, we will be only the 5th team in the country to win nattys in the big 3 sports. Go Hogs!

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