SEC standings

Here is the leaderboard:

Arkansas 17-7
Tennessee 17-7
Vanderbilt 16-7
Mississippi State 16-8
Florida 15-9

Notable series next week:

Arkansas at Tennessee
Vanderbilt at Ole Miss
Missouri at Mississippi State
Georgia at Florida

I will be hoping Missouri and Ole Miss can get a few wins. Our hogs have 6 rough games to play!

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I’ll be shocked if MO doesn’t get swept. They just really aren’t a good team. Miss. St. Is gonna have to have a really off day for MO to have a chance yo win.
Alabama has a decent shot at winning one though.

If you had told me that though 8 series we would have won them all, including sweeping the team in second in the west, I would have sworn we would have a HUGE lead in the west. Hard to believe that after winning 8 straight series wins we are tied for the overall lead and only 1 game ahead in the west.

Strange year in the SEC. MSU just keeps winning, Tennessee just keeps winning, Vandy just keeps winning.

Miss. State swept a few teams, that while we were winning every series, we did let two or three games get away from us that we probably should have won. We would probably have a three or four game lead at this point. But it is very impressive to have won every series we have played.
That consistency and level of play has kept us #1
And a lead in the West Division.

Yeah. That last Auburn game & the game at SC bother me. We just had an awful game against Alabama, so I don’t think about it much. But it would be so nice to have a 2 game cushion going into these last two series.

I know it is easy to take the close wins and only look at the close loses as “should have beens.” And, I am thrilled with where we are, but the loses that kill me are Auburn, A&M, SC, UGA and LSU.

As you note, the Bama game, well, they kicked out butts. Hard to say “we should have won that one.” The Ole Miss loss, heck, I was thrilled to win the series, can’t complain about that one. They are a top team, it was at their place.

I probably shouldn’t complain about SC, they are ranked (or at least were), but I felt like we were good enough to sweep them.

LSU, yes it was at their place, but dang it, we kicked their butts so hard the first two games, to lose a one run game to them gets me.

UGA loss I haven’t fully processed yet. Maybe it wasn’t so bad, but I must admit I expected to sweep them,

But the Auburn loss of 2-1 and the A&M loss 11-10 just KILL ME.

Of the teams that are in contention, Arkansas is the only one that does not have the benefit of playing Missouri this year. Mizzou is really bad and has been swept by Vanderbilt, Tennessee and Florida, and Mississippi State stands a good chance to sweep at Dudy Noble this weekend.

Yeah, I think it’d take a MS no show to not sweep MO.

if we win 2/3 the next 2 weeks MS has to win out which they are very capable of doing,it will go down to the last game like always.

I can’t believe I failed to mention that A&M loss. It was awful.

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