SEC standings with one game left

Auburn, handed a lifeline by Moo U – 14-3, clinched a tie
Arkansas, 13-4, has tiebreaker over KY and TN
Kentucky 13-4 apparently has tiebreaker over TN although not sure what (both lost to Auburn and us; split with each other)
Tennessee, 13-4

Poultry at Auburn
Hogs at Tennessee
UK at Florida

If the Chickens can pull a miracle, we have the tiebreaker over Aubie for the #1 seed if we beat EOE. It would be officially a co-championship though.

My wish for Saturday is…

Arkansas over Tennessee
South Carolina over Auburn
Florida over Kentucky

In that order. It would give us the Co-Championship with Auburn and the #1 seed in the SEC tourney. I just want the Kentucky loss because I don’t want to share anything with them. PERIOD.



saw an ad today by someone selling SECT tix. apparently they were xtras, and whomever bought them would be sitting with this guy’s family. He listed the price, seats, etc…then said don’t bother calling if you are a kentucky fan. Had a great big laugh, and completely understood.


Like that guy.

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