SEC standings/RPI update Saturday

Remembering that most series will wrap up tomorrow.

Aggies 7-3-1
Hogs 8-4
OM 7-4
LSU 7-4
Auburn 7-5
Moo U 6-5 (it’s a really tough division if Moo U is in sixth place)
Bama 4-8

If Corndogs beat A&M tomorrow at the Box (series is 1-1) we’ll be tied for the division lead with LSU and possibly OM with A&M as far back as fourth. OM has taken the first two from the Wallets in the Grove.

Jawja 8-3
Vandy 7-4
Misery 4-6-1
EOE 4-7
Wallets 4-7
SoCar 3-9
KY 2-9

RPI update
Vandy 2
Hogs 4 (up two spots this week even with the loss to LRJC)
Aggies 8
Auburn 9 (think it doesn’t look good to win a road series at #9?)
Jawja 11
Corndogs 12
Moo U 18
Misery 26
Rebnecks 28
Wallets 31
SoCar 40
UK 47
Bummer 61

At current RPI numbers I could see getting 12 teams in the tournament.

Ole Miss just swept Florida…they are looking very good the last two weeks.

Florida is looking terrible right now!

LSU and AM are playing right now
LSU leads at present 4-2 T7

The game they played today was moved from tomorrow due to impending weather

(UPDATED to reflect some late game results)
Here is an overall top 12 RPI. SEC teams are circled in red, you will notice
we have 7 of the top 12. Miss St. @ #19 give the SEC 8 of 20.


Updated to reflect LSU v TAM final

LSU beat A&M in the nightcap 9-3 and Ole Miss swept Florida. So we’re tied with LSU and OM at 8-4, TAM is 7-4-1 and Auburn is 7-5. That reversed call at home plate last night may loom very large in the West race before it’s over.

I watched the A&M @ LSU game. A&M didn’t have a good day on the mound. The box curse is still around for visitors.
Florida just got Crushed at Ole Miss.

The SEC west is just strong and up for grabs. The RPI will change a lot between now and the end of conference play. The lowest RPI ranked team is Alabama at 60.
So it’s pretty strong from top to bottom.

Florida is the suprise team ranked 21st and and a record of 4-8 and 21-13 overall.
Odd seeing the gators that low.

It will be interesting watching how the next few weeks shake out. Maybe the hogs can get hot and get some more solid bullpen performances. That’s as much of a key as anything else.