SEC standings after Bama series

Hogs 7-2
Allbarn 7-2
Moo U 6-3
Corndogs 5-4
Gaggies 3-6
Bears 3-6
Bummer 2-7

Jellycats 7-2
Poultry 6-3
Wallets 5-4
Misery 4-5
Vandy 4-5
Jawja 3-6
EOE 1-8

Series of note next weekend:
Corndogs @ Baum
UK @ Moo U
Auburn @ Gags
Vandy @ Chickens

[size=150]Rumor has it that our concession stands will be serving a special treat in honor of our guests next weekend . . . [/size]


They’ll have to tell visiting LSU fans – be careful not to swallow the stick!

i enjoyed watching the game on the SEC Network. In the top of the ninth when they intentionally walked Fletcher to get to Shaddy I was intently watching Shaddy’s expression and demeanor. He wasn’t swinging the bat in the on-deck circle. He was as still as a Statue. He had in my mind a rather strange look on his face. It said, are you kidding me, your going to walk a freshman to get to pitch to me. I kept saying, “make them pay Carson, make them pay Carson”. He did.

Lol :lol:

I didn’t quite make all those same observations about his expression or demeanor, but I said the same thing, Carson, “show them what mistake they just made.” The fact that they’d walked the previous batter to get to him made that hit all the more gratifying. It was wonderful.