SEC splits early games in NCAA soccer

Duke beat the Rebnecks 1-0, but the Aggies beat Okie Lite on penalty kicks to advance to the final eight.

AND… #1 Florida State trails Penn State 1-0 in the first half, That would open up things considerably if the Noles go home early.

FSU and PSU tied 1-1 at half. Noles attempted 18 shots but only one hit the onion bag.

The Hogs game tonight will be streamed through but it’s kinda hard to find. Took me 15 minutes to track down the FSU game.

If I don’t dork it up, this link should take you directly to the video stream (once the match starts).


FSU completely dominated the second half and won 3-1.

UNC struggled with Washington but won 1-0. Heels get the Aggies on Sunday.

UCLA and Clemson are going to overtime. That will possibly delay the Hogs because we play on the same field. Also if we win, we get the UCLA-Clemson winner on Sunday in the Elite Eight. Clemson took the lead early in the second half, UCLA tied it late in regulation, UCLA is the #3 seed so a Clemson win would be an upset.

UCLA and Clemson going to second OT.

And it’s now raining, so the field will be slick.

Going to PKs. But now there’s a lightning delay.

Georgetown and TCU were also going to PKs when the lightning arrived. It’s supposed to stop raining within an hour but who knows when the lightning will clear. Quite possible Hogs will have to play tomorrow, which is not ideal if UCLA or Clemson get an extra night of rest before Sunday.

Clemson beat UCLA in the shootout. Apparently Hogs are going to play tonight and the winner gets Clemson on Sunday. TCU also won its shootout with Georgetown.

Man…going to be a late start if it does play tonight!

I found the game by going to the soccer schedule on and clicked on the Live Stream tab. Score is 0-0 with about 19 minutes remaining in first half.

SCU just scored in the 28th minute.

SC just scored. You can use the link provided above by Piggus, Great reception.

Well. Need hurry up offense.

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