SEC softball tournament

Quarterfinal round at Gainesville today. The first game is Moo U vs Tennessee, and nobody’s scored yet in 8 innings, although Tennessee had a runner thrown out at the plate.

Hogs vs. Rebnecks is the late game tonight, if this one ever ends…

It’ll be 9:30 10:00 maybe?? before we play that’s the downside of being the number one seed and why you see so many upsets. As a coach you have no idea how your team will play sitting around for basically two days. Ole miss in a way has the advantage having already played.

Still going. EOE about to bat in the bottom of the 12th. And it’s still scoreless.

Going to the 13th. It’s the longest game in the history of Tennessee softball. And their starting pitcher pitched the first 12. Remains to be seen if she comes out for the 13th; she was lying down in the dugout while the Vols batted in the 12th.

Tennessee won 1-0 in the 13th, and their pitcher got the complete game shutout.

A softball Harvey Haddix (ok…not quite, but reminiscent)


This is the downside of being the #1 seed in a softball/baseball tournament. You will usually be the last game of the day/night the first couple of games, and so a rain delay and/or extra-innings can push you into a very late game OR the next morning…

Still, rather be the top seed than a lower seed scrambling to get into the Big Dance…

Misery beat Bummer 3-0. First semi will be Misery-Tennessee.

SEC website currently listing our game at 8:45 CT start time, assuming Florida-Kentucky doesn’t go 13 too.

Florida beat Kentucky 9-3. Hogs-Rebs winner gets the Gators tomorrow night.

Seems like a huge disadvantage for the top seed. You have to play late, then you play a lower seed on their home field in the next game.

Well, I just have to wonder why they wouldn’t have the tournament scheduled at a more neutral site. To have the tournament at the home of a team like FL, I find questionable. With the reputation and success of a team like FL, a home field advantage is extremely obvious.
You just know that after getting swept by Arkansas during the season that FL is going to be out for vengeance and a home crowd advantage will be huge for them. But then again, it didn’t help them much when we swept them.

It rotates around the SEC. A few years ago it was at Bogle; I ran into the Georgia softball team flying either in there or out of there.

In fact we get it next year.

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Thanks, swine. I didn’t think about it rotating.

And today Misery and Tennessee are in a rain delay in the fifth inning. Our 4:30 start time is in jeopardy.

Current weather warning (5:12 pm EST) :

Wind gusts up to 50 mph, half inch hail, and minor flooding due to heavy rainfall.

Rain with thunder expected to continue in Gainesville until 9 pm local time, after the hail clears out. They might not get this in tonight.

I was looking at AccuWeather and looking at their future radar, it shows rain clearing out around 6:30.
Hop it stays that way.

Weather Channel radar shows rain possible at 7:45 local time, which is 35 minutes from now. Hopefully that moves on through.

Lo and behold, they resumed play about 10 minutes ago. :crossed_fingers:

Misery won 3-0. They have not allowed a run in 22 innings in this tournament.

Hogs-Gators set to start at 7:35 CT