SEC softball final vs. Missouri

Shifted to ESPNEWS since the battle of Mobilehoma is running long. Missouri hadn’t allowed a run in the whole tournament. We fixed that quickly. Three hits in the bottom of the first to take a 1-0 lead and Chenise Delce is cruising (a little surprised she’s pitching since she threw a complete game last night, but Misery hit Mary Haff pretty well when she faced them last year).

Misery put in a new pitcher for the bottom of the second. And Kacie Hoffmann greeted her with a triple that barely bounced over the first base bag.

Meanwhile, the OU-OSU game is going extra innings.

Marlene Friedman drove in Hoffmann with the second run, and we had another runner thrown out at the plate.

Hogs up 2-0. End of 2

Misery got an infield single, advanced to second on a wild pitch, but Delce got the K to get out of the inning, 2-0 after 2.5

Leadoff single erased in a double play, still 2-0 after 3 full.

And Okie Lite beat Mobilehoma 4-3 in the Orphan Eight final. OU enters the NCAA at 49-2, but they’re not the conference tournament champs.

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Misery pulls off another double play to get out of trouble in the 4th. Still 2-0. Could have been a triple play except we already had one out.

The double plays have prevented the hogs from scoring for sure.

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Delce is phenomenal

Sides singles to lead off the fifth, McEwen singles through the right side, Sides goes first to third and scores when the throw to third gets away. 3-0 and McEwen is on second.

My gosh we have hit some of the weakest ground balls back of the picture at the worst times to keep this from being 10-0

Loaded the bases with no out, two force outs at the plate, but Danielle Gibson scores on a wild pitch. 4-0 Hogs after 5.

Any question why Delce is pitcher of the year? Weak contact all over the place. Three up three down for the Tiggers in the sixth.

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She’s unbelievable and the fact that she learned that sinker in one day is amazing. She gives us a chance against anybody

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And Mobilehoma proved today they are beatable.



Unbelievable 2 hit shut out on 67 pitches!!!

They look like a national championship team to me.

Congratulations, ladies


Yeah hard to elevate ball right at the knees

I could very easily see meeting Oklahoma in the WCWS final.

We go into the NCAA at 44-9. And we shouldn’t have to leave Bogle until the bus ride to OKC.


Congratulations to the Razorback softball team!
SEC tournament champions!!