SEC soccer vs LSU

Hogs put the pressure on early, then Anna Podojil sent home a first-timer in the 18th minute off a set piece and an assist by Parker Goins. 1-0 Hogs.

I guess everyone knows the game is on SECN.

We are living dangerously. Sure would like to get that second goal and pack it in a little.

Definitely living dangerously. Hannah Warner has had to come rushing out a couple of times and took a hard hit on the last one. Hoping she doesn’t tighten up at halftime and have to come out.

Yep. I am so glad we have that one goal. Now defend like your life depends on it,

That’s the thing about Colby. He is allergic to parking the bus. But sometimes you just have to do it. I hope we can get that second goal quick before they burn us on the counter.

Reagan Swindall off a corner kick, 61st minute! 2-0 Hogs. Podojil may have tapped it in instead.

Looks like it went in off the back of Podojil’s leg.

That was Huuuuuuuugggggeee!!!

LSU got a consolation goal in the last minute. 2-1 final. Hogs play the Baggies-Hens winner in the semi on Thursday.

Two random post-game thoughts…

  1. Noticed Ava Tankersley walking around on the sideline. She was wearing some sort of splint-looking thingy on her ankle, but was moving around pretty freely. Hopefully a good sign.

  2. Would love to have overheard the rather lengthy, animated, post-game exchange between Colby Hale and one of the LSU players. She didn’t look too pleased; he finally walked away with a big old Cheshire grin on his face.

Someone’s just gotta ask; see if he’ll divulge.

Yeah I noticed that conversation. She was POd about something. It kinda looked like Colby said something like “scoreboard”. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone in any sport go after the opposing coach like that after a game.

Colby went after LSU sideline during game. Lots of chippiness in all games televised on SECN.

Our 4 forward press is vulnerable to counter attack which I feared when we played Auburn near Toomers Corner and will again be vulnerable again on Thursday.

LSU was the most talented team in Orange Beach other than us and TN.

It was the most exposed that I have ever seen Bryanna Hunter vs Alexander and her speed which was LSU scary. The announcers did suggest that Tankersley could be back for D help in the tournament which would seemingly mean on Sunday. #99 looked like the all SEC Haley van Fossen that we are used to seeing.

No penalty kicks for Emilee Hauser based on her near whiff of a ball at her feet on the penalty mark that she nearly missed but if converted would have probably absolutely settled the game.

Missed opportunities were frequent for us. I hate to say that I would settle for winning the SEC tournament, but our play vs LSU will not win us many games as the NCAA funnels down to talent making the difference in winnning or losing. We will have to own possession time to beat Aubbie.

Oh yeah, the counter attack has been our Achilles heel since Colby got here. LSU converted on their counters Thursday, but didn’t last night. At this point, I’m not sure Colby’s style can work well enough in the tournament to get us to the CC. We can out-talent teams in the SEC, generally, but not people like Florida State or UNC or Santa Clara. Seems like an ACC team usually knocks us out, Santa Clara being an exception last year (and of course the Broncos went on to win the natty).

I’m thinking back to that road trip in August. Duke had one girl we couldn’t handle 1 v 1, she drew two penalties in the second half and that was it. We buckled down defensively at Chapel Hill, held them scoreless for 90, but they got a goal in OT. Perhaps that’s how we’ll play in the NCAA.

By the way, we’re #5 in the poll, #4 in the RPI this week. Win the tournament, or at least get to the final, we should be good for a 1 seed and home field for four rounds. Tennessee is #9 RPI and #10 in the poll.

But I could definitely see in those two games how LSU got up to #5 in the rankings. They have some girls who can really play. The mystery is why they cratered in the middle of the season. Perhaps they had some key injuries.

After watching the game last Thursday at LSU and the game last night, it appears there’s a lot of animosity between the coaching staffs. Colby seems like the kind of coach who would grate on opposing coaches. Glad he’s at Arkansas, though…

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Did you see how ballistic she went when Colby kicked that ball just BEFORE it went out of play?

His response? … a shoulder shrug and that Cheshire Cat grin again.

And yeah, he knew he was technically in the wrong on that one. :smirk:

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