SEC soccer title?

South Carolina, which had lost its first match in September, turned around and lost its last one tonight at Tennessee, 1-0. This opens the door for Arkansas to claim the league regular season championship solo tonight at Stankvomit. Hogs scored two quick goals by Goins and Tankersley to take a 2-0 lead, but Moo U got one back and it’s 2-1 at halftime.

So a win tonight gives the Hogs a 7-1 league mark, the SEC title and the top seed at the league tournament at Orange Beach, AL. In fact, South Carolina didn’t even win their division; Tennessee won the East title with a 4-1-1 division record to 4-2 for the Poultry, and will be the 2 seed if the Hogs win. Either way, Hogs will get a double bye into the quarterfinals on November 17.

BTW, the two clowns calling the game on SECN+ aren’t even close to pronouncing Podojil correctly. And they’ve mentioned her a lot.

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That’s a winner! Scoreless second half, Hogs beat Moo U 2-1 to clinch the title.

Weird fact: Arkansas has now played six consecutive matches that finished with a 2-1 score, winning five of them.

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Pa-DOE-jill … all night long. :pensive:

On a positive note (as you mentioned), at least they talked about a few of our key players in a positive light … and didn’t just blather on about their players.

Way to go ladies. Love those SEC titles! Always special and am very happy for them

I spoke to Colby Hale tonight about the championship. Here is more:

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