SEC soccer final vs Tennessee

Tennessee goalkeeper Lindsey Romig appeared to injure her hand in warmups but is starting. We’ll see if that has any impact. Hogs get an early corner but don’t do anything with it.

We applied a lot of pressure for the first nine minutes, Tennessee countered, got a corner and put a header on goal, but Hannah Warner made the save.

Game is now largely in our half. Concerns me a little. Absorbing pressure is not our game.Gotta get the game back into their half so our press can go back to work.

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Vol soccer goes cutesy

And blows an excellent scoring opportunity on a free kick just outside the box.Thanks Vols!

Five girls stepping over the ball and then finally played it as a pass which was too heavy and rolled over the end line untouched.

Tennessee scores on a headed corner kick in the 43rd minute. 1-0 Vols

That was inevitable. Too many corners conceded. Too much time in our own half. We are so intent on playing direct when on the attack we just keep giving away possession.

Meanwhile #4 Rutgers also trails at halftime of its conference championship game. Those two results could decide who gets a #1 seed from the NCAA committee tomorrow.

That was goal waiting to happen. We need a goal in the next 15 minutes.

until Delaney and Malham get their offensive game going we are shut down. Swindell has been weak playing back outside all year, laterally very weak and not SEC speed. probably gonna end up a 2 seed which will get us to sweet 16 at home if we win early Collegiate cup matchups. Our stars have not expressed themselves or their talents just yet.

Hmmmm……thought 6th time would be the charm. Guess not

Almost again. Back line is just not reacting to the ball movement.

Looks the coach needs to hire a sports psychologist to address the mental block in championship games.

TN goalie is far superior to the AR goalie and we will not go far if she continues to play like this.

Break out the bridesmaid dresses again. This year in an ugly shade of orange.

Another loss in a championship game….it has be psychological.

we have to choose what to play; 3-5-2 really sucked for offense and our back 2 have to play so far off because they lack foot speed that TN established total control and got set pieces easily and often. That was the roughest that I have seen us play ever. Van Fitch was making more blocks than Latham or LImmer have all year. McKeon was lucky and Van Fossen tried to take a little piece of the first TN goal scorer. I took it as a sign of frustration.

familiar territory and preparation especially for the 6th year seniors. Not enuff freshmen to make a difference if they could impart that wisdom.

I am grateful that my HVAC thermostat went out yesterday and kept me from making the trip to Orange Beach, had my ticket and hotel and I did think that this team could make the history moot. I like Bryanna as a midfielder and Van Fossen as sweeper, but they are the only defensive stalwarts on the team. I would find a way to make Anna P a solo striker and get some more width especially in the midfield if we are going to press with 4 forwards. I did not see that today in the new formation. Did Colby overthink it? Soccer is a game for players and not so much for coaches.

I think there is lots of coaching. Just think strategy and formations are over thought. There are concepts that coaches prefer like double teams or not. Stack defenders behind the ball or not. I did not think some of offensive players had their burst, especially Podijil. Three games in a week might be tough on her.

They had their chances in first 25 minutes. Expended lot of energy then did not see a burst from many players. Press can wipe out your energy.

I asked what Sarah saw. She said the same thing. Got sloppy after the first 25 minutes, sign of fatigue.

Sad to see the they lost again. I am reminded of some really great Arkansas Men’s basketball teams that could win the regular season but fall short in the SEC Tourney. In fact in 94, they won the regular then lost in the SEC Tourney and in my opine, that loss helped them refocus and realize that they could lose any day any time. Then they went out and won the Natty.

Let’s all hope the soccer team follows that same path.



I noticed ACC went to different format. Quarterfinals on campus last Sunday, then games Friday and Sunday on site. Nobody playing three games in five days or four in seven. NCAA doesn’t ask you to play three times in five days. Maybe SEC should consider format change. I hear they have to leave Orange Beach anyway.

Michigan beat Rutgers in the Big Ten title game on Rutgers’ field. We’ll see what that does to the seedings tomorrow.