SEC soccer final going to overtime

Florida took lead in first half, Hogs tied it with 10 minutes left on long shot by Sparky Fischer. OT is 30 minutes if needed (first goal wins), then penalty kick shootout. Game on ESPNU.

Gators scored on a header late in first OT period to win.
NCAA field being announced tomorrow. I expect a home match next weekend.

How are the NCAA matches set up, like in where do they play–sorta like baseball?

Not really, Fred. First round played at 32 campus sites. Since our RPI is in the teens, I expect us to get one. Maybe Saturday morning, maybe Sunday. Then there are 8 regionals the second weekend, again at campus sites, two games each. Third weekend, around Thanksgiving, four quarterfinals at campus sites. Four survivors go to College Cup in San Jose, first weekend of December. College Cup was supposed to be in the Raleigh-Durham area of NC, moved by NCAA because of their restroom law.

Going strictly by last week’s RPI, both South Carolina and Florida would likely get to host regionals the second weekend if they win their opening match. SoCar was #3, Florida #8. Auburn (#13) and us (#18) would host first round matches but probably have to go on the road the second weekend, likely as a #2 seed. I would expect our RPI to go up this week; we beat #76 Vandy, #13 Auburn and lost to #8 Florida in overtime. But we won’t be top-8, nor would we have been if we had beaten Florida again. So road trip next week unless there are a bunch of upsets.