SEC soccer champions

Hogs beat Tennessee 3-1 and take the regular season SEC title with 25 points (8-1-1 record). South Carolina would have 24 (7-0-3) if it finishes off Auburn tonight. A&M, which is tied with OM late, looks like the #3 seed in the tournament, followed by Florida, which is losing to Georgia late.

Tennessee, by the way, may not advance to the SEC tournament. Top 10 teams go to the tournament; Mississippi State is leading Misery 3-1 and would take the 10th spot if they win.

Great job. Get some rest. Then Tuesday start the 2nd season.

Congrats to the ladies. A really big deal.

None of the five teams ranked ahead of us are losing (BYU doesn’t play, Virginia’s match at Syracuse was cancelled due to weather, the other three are winning or have won) so our #6 ranking should hold for now. BYU has a road match Saturday. Virginia and UNC start the ACC tournament on Sunday.

Florida lost to Georgia and A&M is now leading OM, but even if the Rebnecks come back for a draw the Ags will be the 3 seed. We would probably then face the Wallets in the semis Friday.

Now that all the games are final, I think this is the tournament starting Sunday in Orange Beach, AL:

Missed tournament: Tennessee, LSU (which finally got a conference win tonight to get out of the basement), Misery, Kentucky. Misery got blasted 7-0 by Stanford in their opener and things didn’t get much better; they tied Ole Miss, beat Tennessee and finished last.

Sunday first round games:
7-10 seeds, Alabama vs MissStake (lost tiebreaker with OM and Auburn for 8th-9th-10th)
8-9 seeds, OM vs Auburn

Tuesday quarterfinals:
1-8/9, Arkansas vs. OM-Auburn winner, 5 pm CST according to UA website
2-7-10, Vandy vs. Bama-Moo U winner
3-6, SoCar vs. Georgia
4-5, A&M vs. Florida

(How the heck did Vandy win the East?)

Friday semis:
1-8-9 winner vs 4-5 winner
2-7-10 winner vs 3-6 winner

Sunday final

Vanderbilt is the No. 2 seed and South Carolina is No. 3 by virtue of Vandy winning the East.

It’s really weird: South Carolina could have won the outright championship with an Arkansas loss tonight, but would not have been higher than the 3 seed because of the weird way the SEC chooses division champions.

According to the SEC, these are the seeds:

  1. Arkansas
  2. Vanderbilt
  3. South Carolina
  4. Texas A&M
  5. Florida
  6. Georgia
  7. Alabama
  8. Ole Miss
  9. Mississippi State
  10. Auburn

Division champions are determined by points in division games only. Vanderbilt was 4-1-1 vs. SEC East teams. South Carolina was 3-0-3 vs. SEC East.

Way to go ladies, great season and keep it going.

Matt, not sure but isn’t a win worth 3 points and a tie worth 1?

Vandy - 4-1-1 = 13 pts
USCe - 3-0-3 = 12 pts

AR - 8-1-1 = 25 pts (8 wins, 1 tie)
USCe - 7-0-3 = 24 pts (7 win, 3 ties)

Correct. 4-1-1 is 13 points, 3-0-3 is 12.

Yes, it is. Maybe I shouldn’t post so late? :zzz:

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That makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is that when you go to and look at the soccer standings, there are no columns for division record or points. Seems like some pretty important information is getting left out, especially when Vandy, with fewer points and a worse record than USC, gets listed first in the East …