SEC snickering at clumsy "alliance"

Judging from their play and records, I guess the basketball team won some fights. Unless the entire football team fought the basketball team.

Baylor is different than the rest. Much like BYU brings a church market of Mormons, Baylor brings Baptist interest. I know it’s not the same as BYU, but Baptists in most places pay attention to Baylor and some more than others. So it’s quite a bit different than say TCU and SMU.

This “alliance” is going to fold faster than a cheap umbrella.

I suppose there are no permanent arrangements in college athletics. As I look back over the years a lot of conferences have come & gone. Those that exist now are either somewhat new, expanding, dying, or trying to expand. Bowl games were once a big deal & there were only a small handful of them. Now there is one for nearly every team in the FBS. Except bowls are about to die, too. And now playoffs are about to go from the old BCS championship bowl to the 4 team playoff to 12 teams.

And, of course, that doesn’t even account for the changes with NIL & the new transfer rules.

I’m not sure there’ll be an SEC as we know it within 5-10 years. There may be a complete realignment of teams based on either geography or football pecking order.

I don’t think I like all the changes, but not having a clue what they’ll be, I don’t guess I can even say that. However, I’m getting old & change doesn’t appeal to me as it once did.

I’m reminded of the wisdom of the late Neil Peart, drummer and lyricist for the band Rush. In “Tom Sawyer” he wrote:
“Always hopeful yet discontent, knows changes aren’t permanent, but change is.”
It’s gonna happen, whether anyone likes it or not. The Second Law of Thermodynamics has not been repealed; disorder increases over time.

Expect that any PAC or Big10 moves on the Big12 & BYU will happen quickly as every school competes to find the nearest lifeboat & as the PAC/Big10 conferences cherry pick the teams that best fit their needs. The negotiations & sales jobs by the Big12 schools were likely cutthroat as they sell themselves to the conferences in a buyers’ market.

Feel for those teams that are left stranded. Any conference alliance discussions & commitments were likely discussions only - at least until after the dust settles.

The only question for the SEC is when OU & ut can join (wait until '25 or sooner) based on how quickly the Big12 implodes.

Very insightful and poetic. The rest is slam dunk certainty.

Last night I went to sleep as a human being. Woke up today as a black lab. I noticed that my wife likes me a lot better. So I guess the change is good.

Heisenberg and Bohr were certainly no dummies.

Jon Wilner commissioned some data analysis to see where the Pac-12 should go. You may like their conclusion, dfw.

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I bet the AAC will try and get them.

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I think the Alliance has some merit in terms of scheduling big games in the same TV windows as the SEC, but the press conference was botched and they rushed to the table too soon to react to the SEC.

And that assumes they can actually schedule some games. The first Pac-12 NC game to be announced after the alliance was with… LSU?

I’ll believe their handshake agreement when it actually produces results.

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Interesting read on UH. Tks for posting. As Clay mentioned earlier, Baylor & the Baptists have a strong fan following in TX & elsewhere, much more so than TCU. For awhile there has been a strong mutual attraction & hinting of BYU to the PAC.

Surprised TT is not mentioned due to proximity to the PAC & being a large public institution with respectable academics & athletics.

If betting, I would bank on KU & Iowa St to the Big10 - if BIG10 can accept KU football woes.

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I’d have never thought it, but the article raises some interesting points. We’ll see.

I talked with an acquaintance of mine yesterday who is a well`connected TT alum. Thru his circle of contacts he believes that Tech will wind-up in the Pac12 or possibly still SEC. Not surprising, his sphere of conversation with others indicates that Texas is putting on a full-court-press behind the scenes to try to get Tech into the SEC. This, of course, would be the best possible option for Tech should it materialize (doubtful in my opinion).

Not even in the conference yet & already Texas is trying to run things. That wouldn’t surprise me at all. Oh well, I guess the Red Raiders would bring that lucrative Lubbock market.

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The implied suggestion would be that Texas wants Tech and OU wants OSU, since the SEC likes even numbers. I suspect that’s a lot more wishful thinking by Tech and OSU people than an actual reality.

If that happened, it probably would only be because we are headed to four super-conferences. If we eventually get to four super conferences, then Tech and OSU make about as much sense as any other school likely to leave its current conference. The biggest players who are likely to move have already done so, which means that more expansion would require taking second tier teams which don’t add a lot of oomph to the bottom line.

If we are not going to super conferences, the addition of those two schools would almost surely not be revenue positive for the existing and future members of the SEC. The additional money that going to 18 would bring in, when added to the current money, would very likely mean that in the equal sharing system of the SEC everybody but Tech and OSU would be taking a pay cut for the joy of trips to Lubbock and Stillwater. Sell that one at the next SEC meeting.


I don’t see TT and Okie Lite adding any value to a TV deal. If you live in California or Ohio and you’re flipping around Sling on a Saturday night in October, TT vs Moo U is not likely to grab your attention. Andy Staples’ article last week about the Four Million Club was right on. Over the past few years, do you know how many B12 games that didn’t involve Texass or OU got four million viewers? Two. The SEC got a lot more than that. Yes, even us.


TT folks seem to always have a much higher opinion of themselves than anyone else does. in my humble opinion. I see nothing attractive about TT. at all. zero percent. not one positive. who would voluntarily add a required trip to Lubbock? no one sane.