SEC Shorts

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Good stuff.

And the timing for Texas and OU just can’t be any better. You think??

Those guys are pure genius

I can’t wait to see Vandy beat Texas! That would be a great welcome to the SEC.
Getting beat by Kansas is just funny!

That may be the best one I’ve seen. They’re going to be skewering Texass a lot, I think.

That’s hilarious. The secretary is kind of like an Alice Kramden on the Honeymooners.

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Isn’t the world a better place and brighter when your winning ahead of expectations!! These videos are hilarious at times. WPS

Interestingly enough, Vandy is I believe the only SEC school that has a series lead on Texas in football. They are 8-3-1 against Texas.

The last time they played was 1928, though.

that was beautiful


Oh that was so good. Great even. Then came texass and paperclip. I LOL and hard when they rolled texass in. “We will be seeing a lot of each other”. And, the Hogs were not in line to get their L! Perfect.


My vote for the best one ever. Save those receipts!

I thought of the receptionist for the Ghostbusters, but yea I hear some of Alice too!

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Go to settings and activate subtitles a few more added thoughts to each scenario worth it when watching the video

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Yeah it’s not nearly as funny without the subtitles.

I am with you on the Ghostbusters similarity

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