SEC Shorts

Just watched this weeks edition. It dealt with Vandy and of course the soccer deal, but mostly just poking fun at Vandy. I enjoyed their deal as always. Those guys are good, but what I was thinking was thank God (and Sam) that Arkansas was not the butt of this. Lot more fun when they jump on someone else.

Here you go, Jim.

Jim is right thank goodness Vandy gets the bad publicity this year. And this is so funny. My best friend lived in the Nashville area for years and thus was around a lot of Vandy fans. He and his wife went with us to the 2011 Vandy/Hog game in Nashville. At the end of the 3rd quarter we were down 28-20 and I told my buddy I was worried. He said “Dan don’t worry this is Vandy and they will find a way to lose”. Sure nuff they missed a chip shot FG with 8 seconds left that would have tied the game. My buddy just turned to me and smiled.

I have been here for 26 years and was real friends with only 2 Vandy coaches, Woody Widenhofer (we sat next to each other at basketball) and Ricky Rahne who I think will be a star in the making since he has made head coach at Old Dominion. Vandy was impossible forever for athletes to be treated special and had to predict well after their soph year in HS to be admitted. Not sure that even James Franklin could bring back his success. Vandy will have to go way out to get any interest in the program except for some really old dudes who never forget the good old days. Baseball and not too far back basketball were real SEC forces, not gonna happen in football.

Vandy was driving with the lead in fourth quarter and Jerry Franklin’s scoop and score turned the game around. Bizarre game for sure. The field goal miss was a tough angle but it was still a stunning miss.

The attitude in the press box was strange. None of the Vandy people had any belief they were going to win. None. Incredibly bizarre game.

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That was also the game where our Marquel Wade hit the Vandy punt returner (Krause) way before the ball arrived. It was a cheap shot at best. Wade was thrown out of the game. Then Wade basically had to be dragged to the locker room by our strength coach. He was not a happy camper even though he was completely wrong on the play.

Wade ended up getting convicted of burglary while on the team and apparently spent time in the Arkansas Department of Corrections.

I had forgotten about that hit. The ball was still in the air when Wade hit him. I think I want to forget that play again.

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Passing the SEC Shorts’ torch carrying by the Hogs is refreshing…

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