SEC Shorts - Pen State charged w/Auburn murder


Lots of brutal truths about Auburn. They aren’t going to like it but the rest of the SEC will chuckle vigourously.

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These guys know how to plunge in the dagger and twist it. So funny.

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Lot’s creative effort in these clips. Always enjoy them (as long as they do not hit too close to home).

I am so glad we dodged that bullet this week. They could have had so much fun at our expense.

Those guys are always good, and fun to see them gig Auburn who deserves it, but missed Hope. She adds so much to these. Yep, I have a dirty old man crush!

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Those guys make life just a little better every week.

I was good, the speech at the end about all the things Auburn did wrong with the hire and the boosters was VERY good.

But overall, not a great one (IMO).

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The Gary Danielson crack was pretty dang funny.


I used to be able to turn on the closed captioning but did not find that option in the three dot stack thingy this time. Did they take it away. They’re a little hard to understand sometime.

Gotta open it up in youtube, it’s still there.


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