SEC shorts: out of the basement


Thanks for posting. Just when we thought they couldn’t get better.

These guys (and gals) nailed it again.


I love them making fun of themselves. And Free Shoes. Who maybe should be distributing footwear again.

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Really? This is so much fun. “Moving on up to the Penthouse in the sky!”

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I can never get over how creative they are.

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Their subtext message usually flashes by too fast for me to read it the first time…maybe I’m getting old.

Not just you. It is fast

The subtitles and comments are outstanding too. Not to be missed. That slow clap comment: “yea we got a tough game against Georgia but we are in the top ten so who cares” was especially nice. Go Hogs.
I had to watch this one three times.

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I’ll definitely have to remember this one

Already posted

My bad, didn’t see it. I saw it was merged.

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