SEC Shorts on how Georgia fans deal with hope


:rofl: :rofl:

These folks are awesome. And talented. :joy:

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I guess it is all relative. Being a Georgia fan is a piece of cake when compared to being a Hog fan. We Hog fans haven’t seen daylight in 10 years.

We know better than to hope. I guess we all hope Sam can get it respectable. GA hopes for an SEC and National Championship.

Hope springs eternal.

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If Sam gets us playing football with the big boys again, he will get his own statue.

Don’t ever ignore or mistreat hope. I hope the fish will bite. I hope there will be ducks next winter. I hope I can make a 4-foot putt. I hope for good teams to cover.

I am not jealous of anyone, especially Georgia. Would not want to live any place but Arkansas.


I hope you’re here to cover our next Championship team…and that I’m hear to read the article!


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