SEC Shorts - LSU tries to play off that Ms State loss

I do enjoy these. The LSU guy plays it well.

That same guy plays many roles in these videos. I’ve seen him be a “fan” of every team in the conference. Whoever is behind these has a great sense of humor.

I’ve noticed that they now play these on ESPN - can’t remember what show…perhaps it was on the SEC Network…but it was either Herbie or Chris Fowler who the clip ended with, and they mentioned the sponsor (“brought to you by”…don’t remember who)…looks like the qualify of the product is paying off for this group. I enjoy them and think they do a very good job of capturing the ebb and flow of the SEC each week.

The little guy is deadpan funny. They do capture the feel of the SEC and the teams.

Very good. Pretty much right on. At least, all SEC West teams have “one sure win breather.” Wonder who that is.

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