SEC Shorts - Halloween Party

Unfortunately, the tale of the S. Carolina party-goer sounds all too familiar…

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At least we don’t have Clemson in our state. That has got to hurt. We have UCA and ASU.

As you noted, a LOT of that applies to us. A LOT.

These guys are just so good. I thought the lady was especially good in this one. Great to laugh at these regardless of who they are picking on each week.

I saw them say they would not tackle the SEC official situation. Guess I understand why, but can you imagine how much material they would have with that one? Would love to see that office squirm. Of course, you need a conscious to squirm and we all know they do not have one!!

IMO, that’s one of the main ingredients that make these so popular. Most everything we (or any other team) has been through, most of the other SEC teams/fans have also been through at one time or another. So, for example, this S. Carolina fan resonates with us…and Ole MIss fans…and Kentucky fans…etc.

Secondarily, it gives us perspective of just that. Usually, we are SO wrapped up in our (Arkansas) situation/history/conference politics that we think it’s just US. We rarely stop to think (or, take the time to do research into) what other teams are thinking. There is some therapeutic value in realizing that most other SEC teams hate Alabama, and understand that “some” SEC teams get favoritism, while others do not.

These guys/gals are really good. Well done and hilarious.

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