SEC Shorts: GA fans run into Hope again

Note the Tennessee home defense kit :grinning:

OK, help me. Mustard and three yellow golf balls?

items thrown onto the field.

Why in blue blazes (or orange blazes) would you carry a bottle of mustard into the stadium? Or did they steal it from a concession stand?

Tennessee fans are all hot dogs. It was part of what he wore to the game.

No, Chip. That’s LSU Corndogs. You’re getting confused. Mustard at Baton Rouge, I could see.

They were saying that Lane is a hot dog. That’s what I got out of it. Slap some mustard on him.

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These guys always comes up with something good, but this week is really imaginative. I like it, and we all know how the GA character would be feeling. We do not dare let too much hope into our thinking because we know where that leads

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These folks are too funny! Love it.

I always imagined Hope looking different. Maybe I’m more into brunettes.

C’mon man. Try to keep up with current events. :rofl:

We were dining out in Fayetteville at a location with no TVs. (Trying to contribute to that other thread)

Stuff has been thrown onto field at Arkansas games. In 77 Lou was glad Hogs were not headed to Gator Bowl when oranges began to come out of stands.

Yes I remember that during the '77 SMU game. One of Lou’s better lines. IIRC the flying fruit was from the student section which was then in the south bleachers.

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