SEC shorts for the Bowl Dance

we are last in the production and not a lot to make us feel good, but the irony prevails:

did I miss some insinuation that GA would not be playoff worthy??

The old if-you-don’t-win-the-conference-you-shouldn’t-be-there garbage.

This episode was funny. The guy didn’t believe Arkansas made it to a bowl. Heck, I had trouble believing it myself. I am going to miss those. I love them. They always have those Ole Miss guys dressed in a powder blue coat and a red bow tie, Sissified…I love it.

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This was a great episode. Somewhere, probably on their website, is an inside look at what it took to put this together. It was a lot of work. I also thought Arkansas came out of this well (and with a very pretty girl).
Going to miss these every Monday. Hope (there is that word) they have a few during the off season.

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Here is the behind the scenes video:

Thanks for the link. A lot of planning and work to make the final cut. They are good at this.

Jorts and a cummerbund :rofl::rofl::rofl:
Yep, that’s Florida all right.

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