SEC Shorts - Brian Kelly edition


Pretty brutal. Any buyers’ remorse at LSU? Not saying the guy can’t coach, but he sure doesn’t have the fit that Sam does.


LSU should have taken Napier. Only time will tell on how Kelly works at LSU, but he’s lost some of the fan base after one game.


That LSU transfer portal needs to be a priority…


hear Chad Morris is available :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

I put the closed caption active because that gets full humor

I think they brought in quite a bit of Transfer Portal people last year including two from us. Brooke’s got to play a little, Foucha not at all huge mistake on both of their parts

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I really found it ironic that his main talking point after the loss was ‘we have to coach better and I am accountable for that’
Uhhh really? 95 million guaranteed is sort of insurance against accountability is it not? How the heck is he accountable?

Brooks started at safety. Foucha seems to have forgotten how to go to class and is suspended.

And here we go:

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