SEC Shorts: bowl season


The Florida guy in jorts :rofl:

As usual, they basically shred everyone.

Those guys are pure genius.

Love the way they jab OU and Texass. Welcome to the real world guys.

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Makes me remember the Cotton Bowl ball at the Dallas Hyatt. I remember the last one I attended was before the 1990 Cotton Bowl. That night everyone was talking about the rumors of Hatfield leaving. Kind of took away the fun of the night. Nothing like a big gala.

I like our girl and the way they handled us. Also, their continued treatment of tx and ou is priceless. Especially tx!


The last few times they’ve had Texas in the bit he was bandaged and on crutches. We’ll see if this continues as a running gag.

They like the crutches prop.

These Guys are the best! Slanta Clause dished it out!!

My favorite line was, “49% of the time it always works.”

Then there was the shot at Lincoln Riley running away from the SEC.

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Yes, followed by the sound of car speeding away and a plane taking off. Priceless.

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My favorite was as the usher was showing Texas the door…“Who do you think you are? Kansas?”

:laughing: :rofl: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Those were so good this year, and this one was excellent. The Arkansas one was funny, plus making fun of Texas, OU, A&M and Georgia was priceless.

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Those guys are great. I look forward every week to the SEC Shorts. They make life just a little more fun.

After football is over, will SEC Shorts continue through basketball and baseball seasons? Not sure how they could do that with so many games played 2-4 days/week.

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I don’t think they’d be hampered by extra games. They’re creative and can still pick a team or teams who underperformed or over-performed. However, I’ve never seen them do basketball.

I’ve only seen football too

At least we aren’t seeing these:

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When you win you are represented by the big guy

When you lose you get the shrimpy guy