SEC scores/standings tonight

LSU 1, Georgia 0. Corndogs got only three hits but made one of them count.
Auburn 6, Moo U 5. Auburn came back from down 5-0
Misery 2, Old Mrs. 1.
Vandy 11, Wallets 2. Vandy hung up 6 in the third at home. This one actually isn’t over… except it is
EOE 15, Poultry 5.
Gaggies 5, Jellycats 3.

Dawgs 3-1
Vandy 2-2
Wallets 1-3
EOE 1-3
Misery 1-3
UK 0-4
Poultry 0-4

Hogs 4-0
Corndogs 4-0
Allbarn 4-0
aTm 3-1
Moo U 2-2
Rebnecks 2-2
Bummer 1-3

Vandy won 14-2

A sweep at Bama by the hogs will be nice!
6-0 start in confercne play would be awesome. It would be nice to remain on top of the west standings all the way to Hoover!

For some reason Warren Nolan has us at a 3-0-1 record in the SEC. I have no idea why they think we tied Alabama tonight. I’m sure it’ll be corrected soon enough, but when I checked it a few minutes ago (about 9:45 pm), it has us 8th RPI & the tie in our record

They are still playing and Vandy leads 15-2

I emailed them with the correction. It shows a 0-0 tie on our page but the box score link right below that shows the 12-3 final.

OK, so it was 15-2. In Hoover it woulda been run-ruled. So would Bama for that matter.

How long does it take for them to fix mistakes?

I don’t know, but it’s still there this morning. It’s a strange mistake to make, too. Baseball games, especially conference games, almost never end in ties. Since they’re so quick to update their RPI’s, I’m surprised they haven’t fixed that.

That’s why I checked this morning like you did and it wasn’t fixed yet! Just a little weird.

Higs #5 in RPI. It has been fixed.

It’s fixed now. That win took us from #8 to #5.

Also notice that Molester State is still #1 in RPI even though they’re 1-3 in the Pac-11. Lost a home game to Cal last night; USC beat Cal two of three in Berkeley last week.