SEC schools ranked by SEC wins

Some may have this on twitter, but those who haven’t, here are SEC rankings over last 6 years for most SEC wins and something we should proud of but strive to go one step higher.

Kentucky 81
Florida 74
Arkansas 64
Georgia 58
Ole Miss 57
A&M 56
Tennessee 56
Alabama 53
Vandy 51
LSU 50
South Carolina 45
Auburn 38
Missouri 38
Miss State 35


Over last 5 yrs, Arkansas is 3rd
Over last 4 yrs, Arkansas is 2nd
Over last 3 yrs, Arkansas is 3rd
Over last 2 yrs, Arkansas is 2nd

Yep. Not bad at all.

Pretty dang good. Especially if compared to the 10 years prior.
But not near good enough to satisfy some around here. JS

Pretty good for a school that is not favored by the shoe gods and has to abide by the normal rules of recruiting.

The shoe companies, announcer, refs and ESPN promote the blue bloods.
The wins CMA has compiled were achieved honestly we don’t have to worry about any of them being vacated.

There are a few more schools in the SEC that have joined Kentucky on the rolls of getting the best players money can buy!

Auburn, LSU, Moo U, Alabama and yes Kentucky with the elite recruiters whom serve the green to players and their families.

Nice find, thanks for sharing. Very interesting numbers. They also point out clear divisions within the 14 teams over the 6 year period .

Clear numbers 1, 2, and 3 each stand alone in their division
Numbers 4 thru 7 are a clear 4th division
Numbers 8, 9, and 10 are a clear 5th division
Number 11, SC, has jumped into its own 6th division under Frank Martin.
Numbers 12-14 are clearly at the bottom, 7th division.

It’s also interesting that those bottom 3, have recently joined the “cheat club” with their new coaches.

Imagine if they knew fundamentals and MA did something other than just roll the ball out there.

Here is a little more detail:

Year 1… 6-10 … SEC standing - 9th

   2... 10-8 ... 7th

   3...  10-8 ... 5th

   4...  13-5 ... 2nd

   5...  9-9  ...  8th

   6...  12-6 ... 3rd 

   7...   10-8 ... 4th

The trending is good, just need to roll deeper into the NCAA’s.

Yes the data speaks For itself. I agree not bad.

The AP rates the top 100 basketball teams. There are 4 SEC above us:

  1. Kentucky
  2. Florida
  3. Missouri
  4. Alabama. ( big surprise to me)
  5. Arkansas.