SEC schedule out

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Home games with Kentucky and South Carolina in the only matchup with either team. Only matchup with Florida is on the road.

Multiple games with Auburn, LSU, Missouri, Ole Miss and Texas A&M.

So, it will be 5 away games and one home game against Florida over last five years including next season. Great!

I have not researched games against other SEC teams, but I doubt if it is this lopsided against any other SEC team,

Love those last nine games. 7 to 9 wins a possibility!

Yeah, it’s pretty ridiculous. But, bright side for me is that I live in Gainesville so I will take my Hog-loving 6 year old daughter to cheer from enemy territory!

I had the story pre-written and the lede was them hosting the other top teams from last year’s standings because I knew they’d probably get Kentucky and South Carolina here and assumed surely they’d get Florida at home too. Whoops.

The SEC has changed the scheduling format a couple of times since the league expanded, which has caused some abnormalities. First, it expanded to 18 games, then a couple of years ago it added the three permanent home-and-home series that caused another reset.

The first change caused Florida to come to Bud Walton Arena three seasons in a row. The latest has Arkansas going there four in a row. Every team should have a similar quirk on the schedule. For instance, Kentucky is going to Texas A&M for the fourth year in a row with only two return games. Vanderbilt is coming to Arkansas for the fourth year in a row with only one trip to Nashville.

Florida will be at BWA in 2018-19.

The quirk I noticed was that we have 3 straight conference road games between Jan 20 and Feb 6.

Wonder how many other teams have 3 in a row (SEC games) on the road?

I forgot about Florida coming here three years in a row. I think that balances it out. My bad.

Hey, SEC opener at home. That is a big change.

The opener was at home last year; Florida the same night as the Belk Bowl.

I am going to stop posting, going on strictly memory is not working.

Don’t worry PJ. I’m sure the league will do all they can to ensure a fair contest for us in Gainesville. Nothing but the best and most unbiased, unaffiliated with anyone officials that money can buy. It will be like a home away from home game for us. No doubt about it. :wink: