SEC schedule is being recalled

This is going to result in Arkansas-Tennessee being played next season.

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Recall? Sounds like bad meat ! :sunglasses:

Interesting choice of words.

very strange,never heard of a schedule being recalled.

Yeah, how 'bout we freaked up the schedule and will release the correct one in a few days! :grinning:

A few notes:

• As of now, this is not expected to change anything on Arkansas’ non-conference schedule that was released earlier in the week.

• Some SEC series are going to have to be reshuffled. Arkansas-Missouri was scheduled for April and Tennessee-Auburn — the other series that was not intended for 2023 — was scheduled for May.

• It might be a little while before we have the revised schedule. The SEC is putting the finishing touches on the 2023 football schedule. That might be announced next week.

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Yeah that’s exactly what happened

I don’t care if there are hanging chads during this recall, if the SEC cares anything about baseball, the Hogs and Vols MUST play.


I expect the new schedule to be released next week.