SEC rushing lead is there for the taking

Judkins has 75 yards, led Rocket by 6 yards after last week. That means Rocket takes the lead with 82 yards tomorrow, assuming Judkins gets no more carries (OM down 8 in the last 3 minutes).

Do you know if bowl games count towards the title? Or is it regular season rushing yards only?

Bowl games count, at least for NCAA stats

Needs 97, might as well get a 100, then he will lead for sure



Is a tall
Task against the Missouri defense. I would like to see Rocket get 150.

If our passing game is good today so will the rushing game, make them pay for loading the box. WPS

Just saying and wishing. I do want him to beat the black bear/rebel or whatever they are.

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Rocket can get it done. If he get the yards to over take the rushing lead it would help our hogs win!