SEC Record

If I am not mistaken, CBB’s SEC record is 10-22.

It’s not.

And somewhere HDN is laughing his ass off.

Losing records against Mizzou, S Carolina, and Miss State. Winless against A&M.

Good Lord


Just wow

He lost 13 straight SEC games to start his tenure, so it was going to take a while for that overall record to ever improve. I think everyone knew his conference record was poor.

Since November 2014 the record is 10-10. I think that’s a more accurate representation of the current state of the program.

That’s even skewed, an accurate representation of the program is 3-5. This year is the most accurate representation not adding previous seasons, especially when last ears team (5-3 conference) was a much more solid team. I personally do not think you should add past seasons to the current situation it’s not an accurate representation but an excuse.

Losing to Missouri is the most accurate

Missouri who lost their best two defenders and has been a mess

Missouri who fired their DL coach this past week

4-8 Missouri

That’s reality

Not sure. Can you tell me what all of the other coaches SEC record is?

Reality is we are a 7-5 program and have been for 50 years with some slim glimpses of 9 or 10 wins. We are what we are and hit that for the year. Being frustrated because you don’t live in reality and think we should be a 9 to 10 win program is on you.

Bingo. The darksiders will always expose themselves by using all 4 years in the argument.

Dayyummm you laid down the TRUTH for real!

It’s acceptable because our ad is hoping his choice in cbb will payoff in just ONE MORE YEAR. There is no accountability. In the end these are just college students we are talking about. But for the coaches, you are paid millions to fine tune/obtain max effort on all plays. If you can’t do that then you are worthless.

I want a change. I want coaches in players faces when there is a mistake or lack of effort. Lsu punts a coach that was around 110-20. We’re arguing over which assistant should go…give me a break. Tough decisions need to be made. If long can’t make them then he needs to go as well.

If you want to play that game his SEC record in his 4th year is 3-5 with a loss at Mizzou.

Nope - our HC said he is here to win championships and I’m taking he and the AD at their word that championships are the goal. Frustration is a result of lack of discernible progress towards the stated goal.

“Since November 2014 the record is 10-10. I think that’s a more accurate representation of the current state of the program.”

I am not happy today but I am also looking this in the big picture. You are worried about championships- did he say he would win a championship in 2015, 2016, 2017…? You don’t live in reality or you don’t want to see progress by CBB… if you think we have not made progress.

CBB has improved the program no doubt, but to me the MIssouri loss was a big set back.

We made progress to last year, this year was not progress. Petrino was nationally competitive by his second season, but we are making entirely too many excuses for Bret. He took a step back this season, mainly due to how historically bad his defense was.

Petrino was 7-5 and eaked out a Liberty Bowl win against East Carolina in his 2nd year. Based on that, I guess CBB has been nationally competitive these last two 7-5 years.?

Now, if you want to compare their 3rd and 4th years, yes BP was considerably better.

That was a mistake on my end, was referencing to the 3rd year not 2nd.